The Kidney Detox

A Kidney Detox Is Important But Generally Overlooked

The kidney detox is an important consideration when it comes to psoriasis recovery. We spoke earlier of the kidneys, and their importance when it comes to cleansing and detox. The kidneys are a regulatory organ, they help to control the levels of electrolytes, and when salt is dissolved its elements sodium and chloride become important electrolytes, responsible for transferring the electrical activity within your body.

The kidney is also responsible for blood pressure regulation as well as ensuring you have a correct acid base balance (pH levels); kidneys even stimulate the production of red blood cells within your body. Each day your kidneys process a staggering 230 liters of blood (400 pints) and manage to remove an incredible 2.2 liters (4 pints) of wastes!

Without optimal kidney function, toxic wastes would simply build up in our blood stream causing infection, inflammation and we would soon develop kidney stones or they would fail altogether causing premature death. It is important to remember the kidney damage takes place ever so slowly and gradually – and generally without symptoms, and if left untreated, kidney disease can become irreversible leading to kidney failure.

The kidneys are also responsible for excreting many different waste products, toxins and chemicals from your body. These toxins are many and varied and can come from a wide variety of sources, including chemicals and toxins in your food and water, pharmaceutical drugs, environmental chemicals (pesticides, etc.), alcohol residues, various forms of pollution and radiation and many other potential toxins. When the kidneys fail to function optimally, these toxins can potentially cause many different health problems like headaches, high blood pressure, nausea, itchy skin, fatigue and a host of other problems.

I have always found it amazing that a lot of emphasis is placed on liver and bowel detoxification, but nobody ever speaks of kidney cleansing or detoxification when it comes to psoriasis. I did notice that Dr. John Pagano in his book “Healing Psoriasis” mentions the kidney’s role in cleansing and psoriasis, one of the first books I have seen that makes the connection between optimal kidney function and skin health.

Kidney Disease More Likely with Moderate to Severe Psoriasis

An analysis of the medical records of 143,883 psoriasis patients in the United Kingdom found that people with severe psoriasis were twice as likely to acquire chronic kidney disease as those whose psoriasis was mild or who had no psoriasis at all. The analysis is reported in the British Medical Journal.1

It certainly makes a lot of sense to improve the functioning of your kidneys if you have psoriasis, especially if your psoriasis is severe of chronic. Why wait until you are taking many different kinds of drugs to control symptoms, drugs which are linked with kidney and liver toxicity?

There are many different herbal medicines, juices and different dietary supplement formulations that will help tone and detoxify the kidneys; some of these include parsley, basil black cherry, celery, watermelon (rich in potassium and very high in water), golden rod and corn silk.

Kidney Cleansing

Drink adequate water every day, this is the most important part of your kidney cleansing regime. Without adequate water, your body is unable to expel wastes through the urinary route efficiently. Wash a small bunch of parsley, add to 600 mls of water (a pint) and simmer in a non-aluminium pot (with the lid on) for 4 minutes. When cool, drink half a cup (about 125ml) and keep the remainder in a glass container in the refrigerator. Drink 125 mls twice daily for seven to ten days. Better results are obtained when you add the (carefully) cleaned roots of a parsley plant that is two years old. This will give your kidneys a really good flush. Take a good quality probiotic capsule three times daily before meals to help repopulate your urinary and digestive tract with beneficial bacteria. Drink in addition during this week a glass of apple juice (organic) to which you have added some kidney herbs. Ask a local herbalist to make you up some liquid herbal medicines, be sure to shake them well before use as kidney herbs are mineral rich and these minerals will sink to the bottom of the container they are dispensed into. I’ve always found that kidney herbs work best if they are taken regularly in liquid form in a little water, it makes sense. 2 free-range eggs Eat more of the following kidney-friendly foods: watermelon, celery, cabbage, cauliflower, garlic, onions, apples, cranberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, cherries, red grapes, egg whites, and fresh fish. When kidney cleansing, avoid consumption of the following: red meats, white flour and sugar products, rich foods, junk foods, peanuts, spinach and chocolate, all detrimental to a kidney cleansing routine and kidney congesting foods.
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