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Vegetarian Burgers

Vegetarian Burgers For Those Don’t Want Meat Vegetarian burgers are the perfect solution for those who want a burger that looks and tastes like a meat burger, but in fact is meat-free. Are you a committed vegan or vegetarian? We congratulate on taking this step towards good health. Many of our patients are vegetarian, but many are meat eaters as well. We are not prejudiced… Read More »Vegetarian Burgers

Chickpea And Millet Patties

Do you like millet? Some say that it is birdseed. You need to try this recipe, a very tasty dish and a great lunchbox filler. I like to munch on these when I travel, they are a great snack on the road or with a picnic too. This recipe is wheat and gluten free. Makes 5- 6 patties.   Double the amounts by all means. Tasty… Read More »Chickpea And Millet Patties