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Breakfast Recipe

Healthy Pancake Recipe

Who Says Pancakes Can’t Be Healthy? There is this misconception among many of my psoriasis patients that pancakes make you fat and are for people who couldn’t care much about their waistline. Well, this is simply not true, and this recipe is an excellent example to put the record straight. This is a delicious and very healthy pancake recipe for those who are allergic to… Read More »Healthy Pancake Recipe

Buckwheat Pancakes

A Very Tasty Breakfast Treat Have you ever tried to make buckwheat pancakes? They are so satisfying and good for you too. Many people consider pancakes too much effort to make and go for those packet mixes you buy in the supermarket. Not only are they full of things you don’t want in your diet, they are more expensive and don’t taste half as good!… Read More »Buckwheat Pancakes

High Fiber Breakfast

A High Fiber Diet Means Great Health A high fiber diet affects most parts of your digestive system. It increases the amount of time you chew which results in increased salivary and gastric juice flow. This decreases dental plaque and tooth decay, satisfies your appetite more quickly and as a result reduces your total calorie intake. What does that mean? It means you feel fuller… Read More »High Fiber Breakfast

Bircher Muesli

Bircher Muesli Is The King Of Muesli Do you have sudden food cravings? I am sure you do, we all like a nice tasty snack from time to time. Try this one, great for breakfast, or as a snack. Bircher muesli is named after its creator, Dr. Bircher Benner, who was ousted from the Swiss medical profession in 1900 for his heretical claims that grains,… Read More »Bircher Muesli