Can Psoriasis Be Cured

Can Psoriasis Be Cured?

Can psoriasis be cured? This is a question I hear from many psoriasis patients. Many patients I have seen over the years Look primarily at treating their skin when it comes to getting rid of their psoriasis, but the problem lies a lot deeper than just the skin, as you will learn more from reading the many articles on this website, psoriasis is much more than just a skin problem, the problem lies deeper than the skin’s surface. Treating the skin alone without addressing the underlying causes is a complete waste of time and will at best only yield (very) temporary results. All too many health-care professionals I know also just treat the skin, without paying sufficient attention to the person’s overall health and well being.

Is it really possible to find a permanent solution for your psoriasis, a “cure”? It is important to drop the “C” word on focus instead on improving your diet and lifestyle to the point that you rarely get any more lesions, plaque, or other typical cyclical manifestations of psoriasis that most psoriasis patients suffer with. Am I giving you false hope or telling tales? I am most certainly not, I have never done this in all the years I’ve seen psoriasis patients. Those who are sincere and are willing to make the right choices in their lives generally get the outcome they desire, not in one hundred percent of all cases, but the odds are pretty high that you will be more than happy with your skin if you follow my advice you will find in The Psoriasis Program. But you have to start looking a lot deeper than just your skin. You will be wasting your time and money on just treating the surface of your body in your bid to eradicate those annoying patches of skin.

Psoriasis Is Much More Than Skin Deep

Looking to the skin for the cause of psoriasis is like looking at the tip of an iceberg and assuming it to be the entire structure.

No matter how much ice you try to remove from the iceberg’s tip, the iceberg will remain and never disappear, and all because the main body lies beneath the surface. As you take ice away, more ‘magically’ appears from seemingly nowhere. Psoriasis is very much like this, you keep on applying potions and take medicines and the problem disappears for a brief period of time, only to resurface later. At first psoriasis appears quite apparent, it is the skin, and it is the skin that needs treatment and “curing” of these terrible lesions. But down the track you begin to realize that these topical treatments are fruitless. Most chronic psoriasis patients I have known through my work as a naturopath go through the stage of trying just about every conceivable lotion, potion and treatment on their skin, ranging from various natural and pharmaceutical ointments, including creams, oils, steroidal preparations, coal tar, UV radiation, and plenty more. But the psoriasis keeps coming back, month after month, year after year, until the patient has exhausted all avenues of topical (skin) treatment. Some try diet changes and some are even enlightened enough to try a few lifestyle changes, but still – the psoriasis keeps on coming back. Many give up and just learn to live with their psoriatic lesions, thinking, “This is how it’s going to be for the rest of my life”.

When I started to research information for my book, I found an incredible amount of medical and research-based websites explaining to the reader that there is “no known cause or cure” for psoriasis. I’ve never believed this to be true, there is a cause and there must be cures possible. For an effect to happen there has to be a cause underpinning it, every single time. Nothing happens “per chance” in your body, and symptoms are always the results of a disturbance taking place inside the body. Just like the iceberg, it will be primarily hidden in diseases of “no known cause or cure”. If researchers take the time to look a lot deeper they will see that there is a lot more going on beneath the surface in psoriasis, and that if they focus their attention to what lies beneath the skin it could make all the difference In the world.

But the problem is complex you see, it is not a cause that jumps right at you and stares you in the face, such as bacteria or a pathogen causing an infection, like inflammation causing heart disease, like a fall causing a broken hip, etc. It is a hidden cause, and because the cause is non-apparent, hidden and difficult to find it is ignored and only the skin is treated.

Chronic conditions such as psoriasis have intrigued me for as long as I have been a health-care professional, and I have always tried to find an underlying cause when it comes to such ‘incurable’ diseases, especially skin diseases like psoriasis. In my opinion, there is not really a case of psoriasis that is ‘incurable’, but I certainly have found many psoriasis patients who didn’t want to stick with my treatment recommendations long enough to get the result. It is also worth mentioning that there are plenty of skin specialists (dermatologists) unfortunately with rather inflexible or even “incurable” belief systems when it comes to psoriasis, who play right into the hands of their psoriasis patients by continually prescribing strong drugs for both internal and external use.

Unfortunately, conventional medical doctors pay little attention in recommending dietary and lifestyle changes, particularly when it comes to cleansing of their psoriatic patient or detoxification. In fact, very little attention is paid to the patient’s lifestyle, apart from a prescription of an antidepressant or sleeping pill. According to conventional medicine, detox it is ‘nonsensical’ and entirely ‘unscientific’. But wait one moment, is not prescribing a toxic drug to the psoriasis patient for countless years equally nonsensical and unscientific, when the underlying causes are never sought for, and also for the many side-effects that the patient will experience, side effects that in fact are potentially more harmful than the psoriasis itself?

Curing Psoriasis Takes Time

There is no doubt, it takes time to cure psoriasis, but is it realistically possible to get rid of your psoriasis completely? The answer is a resounding YES. I have seen it in many cases, and these were not necessarily the patients who had exhausted all means and were not only desperate for a complete cure. They were the type of patient willing to do anything to get rid of their psoriasis completely, and who fully complied with natural medicine treatment. These were the patients who taught me that it IS possible to become cured from psoriasis, and to remain that way for life as well. Is this giving you false hope? No, it certainly is not. I can with complete confidence categorically state that it is entirely possible to become free from those psoriasis plaques, that cracked, itching, flaky and painful skin, that embarrassing skin condition that can affect the quality of your life on so many different levels physically and emotionally.

The fantastic part about being an experienced naturopathic physician is seeing the transformation that can take place when a person with chronic psoriasis becomes committed and engaged in treatment, and achieves the result he or she was looking for, in some cases for ten, twenty or even forty years. The kind of patient who became disillusioned with conventional drug treatments, all those years of endless creams, ointments and smelly lotions. These were the kind of patients who inspired me to put pen to paper and to share the Psoriasis Program with psoriasis patients just like you.

Dr. John Pagano

Dr. Jdrjohnpaganoohn Pagano who wrote the well known and award winning book called Healing Psoriasis in the 1980’s, was one of my earliest inspirations when it came to believing that psoriasis patients can be cured. Dr. Pagano mentions that patients can be cured, but that it takes plenty of commitment and will power on the patient’s behalf if they desire a cure. Western medicine unfortunately continues to push the angle that there is “no known cure” and just recommend drug-based regimes for life. You can see why the average patient with chronic psoriasis ends up staying a chronic psoriasis patient, they end up losing the belief that their skin will one day become better, much better.

Cures all depend on the attitude and tenacity of the patient. I advise my psoriasis patients to pull out every ounce of determination they can muster, yet to become more relaxed and confident in knowing that they CAN get rid of the lesions. Many patients have become really well and entirely happy with their results, whereas others have commented, “If I knew that the treatment was going to be like this I would have never started”. It is important for the psoriasis patient to know that psoriasis is considered one of the most difficult, if not ‘impossible’, of all chronic skin conditions to cure, and that it is crucial to get on the right track as far as long-term treatment is concerned. But thirdly, and most importantly, a psoriasis patient must develop the ability to have plenty of patience, persistence and determination. For this reason, I’ve written extensively on the topics of how to build your will power and self-responsibility in the Psoriasis Program books.

Are you ready to finally get rid of that skin problem that has been plaguing you for so long? Consider the Psoriasis Program, the most comprehensive self-help program yet made for people who are committed to finding a cure.