Lunch and Dinner

Psoriasis Lunch And Dinner Recipes

For many patients I have seen with psoriasis, lunch is probably one of the the hardest meals to get right, but it shouldn’t have to be. One of the biggest challenges to eating a healthy lunch is finding the time not only to make or prepare your lunch, but to eat it and being able to relax while eating it too. While it may be tempting to justify your fast food lunches by saying you “just don’t have time to do healthy,” in the end you are not only setting yourself up for not only digestive and weight-problems, but potentially many other chronic illnesses as well.

Don’t let time get the better of you. Once you through the tips below you won’t be able to make any more excuses; you’ll be able to eat a healthy and nutritious lunch even if you don’t think your hectic schedule allows it. Here are a few good tips to get you on track and ensure that lunch need not be a struggle.

Make Food Ahead, Cook In Larger Amounts

Whether you are cooking some Millet and Chickpea patties or making fermented vegetables like sauerkraut, cooking large batches will assure that you have some left over for the next day. Almost anything you make can be stored (in glass containers) overnight and eaten as another meal the next day. Left-overs from dinner can even be eaten for breakfast and in fact are likely to be a healthier choice than the typical New Zealand lunch of sandwiches with ham, cheese, tomato, or a pie of sausage roll and a can of drink.

Eat Raw Foods For Lunch – But Start Slowly

A few years to work out that raw or partially cooked vegetables are fantastic for your digestive system. But what do you do? Do you just start to eat raw carrots, onions, broccoli and have to live like a rabbit? Not at all. A good way to get used to eating more raw foods is to start eating salads for lunch. Personally I’m not a big fan of a cooked lunch, I do like a cooked breakfast though and couldn’t imagine a raw vegetable breakfast. remember, there are valuable and sensitive micro nutrients that are damaged when you heat foods. Cooking and processing food can destroy these micro nutrients by altering their shape and chemical composition resulting in a poor diet. Another quick and easy lunch is to use the Vitamix (or a similar blender), regular vegetable juicing will easily help you reach this goal of one-third raw food in your diet but you may need to set aside some time to juice regularly.

Make Sure You Have Some Quality Protein For Lunch

However, there are plenty of foods that can be eaten raw while on the go and that will save you time cooking. Cut up strips of raw vegetables like zucchini, capsicum (bell peppers), cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, raw seeds, raw nuts and a quality dairy (like a high quality organic raw yoghurt), although you will want to tailor your individual choices to fit your own particular taste and situation. I tend to keep the “wet” vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumber in a separate container. I like a few slices of red onion as well, and have a few olives, small (cherry) tomatoes some sun dried tomatoes marinated in olive oil. Brown rice or quinoa which have been cooked are a good addition and so is a piece of cooked chicken or some fish like sardines. You could take some quinoa sushi. It depends on what your tastes are, but do have some protein with lunch. You will feel much better for it and will have plenty of energy all afternoon. You can also eat raw eggs. Raw, whole, organic eggs are a phenomenally inexpensive and incredible source of high-quality nutrients that many of us are deficient in, especially high-quality protein and fat. They are also one of the quickest foods to eat if you are short on time.

Prepare Your Lunch In The Morning Early Or The Night Before

Do you make lunch for yourself in the morning, or do you head out the door and pick up a lunch on impulse which may not be healthy? Morning can be a very hectic time of day, especially if you have children, I’ve raised four children and know how challenging those peak-time periods like breakfast and dinner can be, especially at home when in the routine. One way to cut down on things to do in the morning is to prepare your lunch the night before, it makes sense to prepare the night before or early in the morning. This will reduce the risk that you will neglect to prepare a lunch altogether and then decide to pick up some unhealthy junk food later in the day. It is much easier to eat healthy if you can grab your ready-made lunch as you head out the door. Good time to relax and listen to some soothing music too, helps reduce stress which improves digestion!

Eat Only When You’re Hungry

Don’t eat for the sake of eating, if you don’t feel hungry then don’t eat! Your body can use the break from digestion occasionally, it is a good way to keep your metabolism in excellent shape as well. Eating less or not at all at times allows your stomach and small intestine the opportunity to rest up and clear themselves of digestive juices and residues. It is clever to occasionally fast, humans are just about the only animals which don’t ! Occasionally fasting is a a very clever practice to keep your weight in check as well. Simply tell yourself you are making a choice to improve your health and live longer. If you have been gaining a few pounds each year it is especially important to reduce how much you eat and to skip a meal occasionally.

Be careful not to get carried away with this practice, such as skipping breakfast everyday, as studies have found that people who skip breakfast are over four times as likely to be become overweight than people who eat something in the morning. If you’re looking to save time in the morning or for another meal, but don’t want to go without eating, opt for a quick “super food” drink like a good quality protein powder. Please inquire for more information about these products. This will give you almost all of the daily nutrients your body needs and is a much better alternative to any junk meal or no meal!

Eat Some Nutrient Dense Super Foods

Your diet serves you the purpose of maintaining excellent health, and it makes therefore sense for you to eat the most nutrient dense foods you can find. If you think of a food as serving a purpose–to give you the maximum amount of healthy nutrition possible–then try to make everything you eat count, eat the most nutrient dense foods you can. You therefore need to consume less which will save you time and money (and needless calories). Only eat the most healthy, most high-quality foods around and don’t waste your time with inferior junk foods.

Rethink Your Priorities

If you are healthy it is easy to take your body for granted. Those who are sick, though, realize just how important their health is. But you don’t want to wait until your health goes away to realize that it is one of the most, if not the most, important aspects of life. If your car breaks down, you can have it fixed. If a relationship fails, there are almost always more to come, but if your body breaks down you will have a hard time experiencing life as most would like. This is why nutrition and health should be a top priority in your life. The very quality of your life depends to a large degree with what you eat on a daily basis. You must protect your body as you would any valuable possession, but the way to protect it isn’t with insurance or a lock and key. You must protect it by being proactive. Prevent the diseases before they begin, fortify your body with nutrients, and exercise to keep strong and do get started today by looking through my healthy eating plan you will find as part of The Psoriasis Diet.