Cleansing and Detox

Cleansing and Detox

“The primary cause of disease is not germs. Disease is caused by a toxemia that results in cellular impairment and breakdown, thus paving the way for the multiplication and onslaught of germs.” Dr Henry Bieler, M.D.

Cleansing and detox makes sense, regardless of how you feel, whether you feel OK or ill, regardless of the cause of your ill health, regular detoxification will help to free up your body’s resources and improve all of its functions. My clinic has been working with detoxification programs and psoriasis patients for over twenty years which have resulted in dramatic health improvements for many patients, some who have experienced years of chronic ill health, including recurring chronic skin plaques and inflamed joints in those with psoriatic arthritis. Many people living in the Western developed nations will have some degree of intestinal dysbosis, an imbalance of the beneficial and not so beneficial flora. Detoxification facilitates the release of toxins from the liver, kidneys and throughout the body, reducing the level of pathogenic micro-organisms as well as enhancing digestion. By improving the way your body releases many and various toxic compounds you will not only assist in the prevention of many chronic degenerative disease, you will improve the way your body operates on all levels and allow healing and repair to occur more efficiently and rapidly. Cleansing and detoxification is crucial if you have psoriasis and you are serious of recovery, it may well be the single most important step you take towards a permanent psoriasis solution.

Why You Should Detox If You Have Psoriasis

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to detox and psoriasis. Is detox about cleansing diets, saunas and enemas? You will gain a lot more from your Psoriasis Program if you detox correctly for several reasons such as these:

1. Your body produces various chemicals and toxins when it comes to psoriasis, both your diet and lifestyle as well as your immune system create these chemicals independently which your body needs to clear.

2. The Psoriasis Diet will help you liberate toxins as you invariably lose weight. Many different kinds of toxins are stored in fat tissues of your body, and as your weight is shed (even small amounts), these toxins are liberated into your blood stream entering your liver and kidneys in particular. Detoxification will to reduce the symptoms like itchy skin, bad breath, headaches, fatigue and body odor, which invariably accompany these toxic releases.

3. If you do happen to go through die-off (a Herxheimer reaction) as levels of bad bacteria and yeast cells are dying in your digestive system, toxins will be released into the blood stream that also need clearing.

4. A good 3-step detoxification program as outlined ahead paves the way for excellent digestive health following the recovery from your psoriasis.

5. In my experience, those who detox once per year dramatically reduce their chances of developing a recurrence of their psoriasis.

Detoxification Is An Every Day, All Day, Year Round Process

Our world is becoming increasingly toxic each year, and as this occurs, it becomes much more of a daunting task to prevent and recover from almost constant exposure to so many forms of toxins and pollution from our environment. The environmental impact and health is slowly being recognized by more and more health care providers, particularly in relation to autoimmune diseases, (including psoriasis) because this type of disease has been known to have “no known cause”. Detoxification was not taken seriously by many health experts up until fairly recently, but this is changing. Presently, there is a substantial amount of evidence related to the physical impact of exposure to toxins on your body.

Your body works tirelessly 24 hours a day trying to keep it’s house in order and the liver, bowel and kidneys are constantly working, trying to keep toxins out of the body, trying to maintain a state of equilibrium or internal harmony.

American and Italian researchers have found physical changes indicating the reduction of your body’s ability to successfully detoxify if you have multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) or problems with continual environmental exposure, including exposure to alcohol, pharmaceutical drugs, personal care products and many commonly used household chemical.

You may well be experiencing some of the following symptoms, and they may or may not necessarily be coming from toxic exposure. But I can assure you this, if you clean up your liver and kidneys, you may be surprised to discover that many of the following symptoms may disappear, even if they have been plaguing you for many years. Many of the following symptoms have disappeared in psoriasis patients I have seen over the years who have undertaken my detoxification program outlined in this booklet.

Symptoms commonly experienced with toxic overload in the body may include skin rashes, infertility (in men and women, globally getting worse each year), neurological issues such as memory loss, concentration problems, and confusion, weakness and fatigue, depression, anxiety, chills, fevers, dizziness, vertigo and tinnitus, various liver and kidney diseases, various immune dysfunctions, including allergies, hyper sensitivities, coughing, sneezing and even different cancers, eye, ear, throat and nose irritations, and different kinds of headaches.

Many people today are plagued by a condition they may not even be aware of, multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). MCS has been defined as “A chronic and recurrent condition characterized by a reduced tolerance to different environmental agents or to a class of chemical substances”.

Internal Cleansing

Many health care experts such as Dr. John Pagano (Healing Psoriasis) who have written on psoriasis in the past, and who have had considerable experience in treating psoriasis patients, noticed that the best results were obtained by assisting their patients in internal cleansing by opening up and improving all the normal channels of elimination, primarily the bowels and kidneys, and secondarily, the skin and lungs. Naturally, the most effective internal cleansing is obtained by assisting the body to clear out the bowels, and kidneys, the principle organs of internal cleansing. By taking the load off these organs, you allow the release of wastes and toxins which releases the “backup” presure on the liver and gall ducts (gallbladder) as well as the small intestine. This in turn allows the many cells of the liver to more efficiently perform their primary task of filtering out and purifying the blood and lymph.

I have noticed that many patients with psoriasis have constipation, sluggish bowels or poor eliminative habits in general. Poor functioning bowels and colon impaction has been noted to be one of the primary reasons for a breakdown of the intestinal walls, as well as compromised colonic cell growth1.

It has been mentioned in the literature by many authors, including Bernard Jensen, M.D., as well as Francis Pottenger, M.D., both experts in human health and nutrition, that when the contents of the intestinal tract are delayed in their movement through the digestive system, noteably through the large intestine (colon) that this contents undergoes certain changes which can irritate as well as cause harm to wall of the intestine. A sluggish bowel generally mean the toxins will be absorbed into the bowel wall and then into the blood or lymph circulation. This is why you will find that I’m especially interested in healthy eating as well as healthy elimination when it comes to getting results for my psoriasis patients, as this forms one of the main foundations for good skin health. Let’s take a closer look at the colon, kidneys, skin and lungs and the liver. It is important that you gain a better understanding of the critical role each of these organs play, not only when it comes to keeping your body nice and clean on the inside, but in the prevention of nearly all chronic diseases, including psoriasis.

1. Frederick D Langsford Jr., MD., “Commentary on Psoriasis” in Physician’s Reference Notebook, ed. By William A. McGarey, M.D., (Virginia Beach, VA, The A.R.E. Press, Sept. 1968 Ed. 1) p. 189.