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Foods To Eat With Psoriasis

What foods to eat with psoriasis, that  is the question that many psoriasis patients have asked me over the years, what should I eat and what should I avoid to eat when I have psoriasis? You will find the diet and nutrition section of The Psoriasis Program to be the most comprehensive ever written when it comes to psoriasis, over two hundred pages. Stay on the Psoriasis Diet strictly for the first two to three weeks especially, longer if you are getting significant benefit. You will be able to read a great deal more about how to eat, select and prepare foods, as well as what to eat and what avoid in the first and introductory book in the Psoriasis Program series, entitled The Psoriasis Program, and the second book entitled The Psoriasis Diet, a very comprehensive book about everything you will want to know about food and psoriasis.

Key foods to incorporate into your diet when you have psoriasis are the anti inflammatory and antioxidant rich foods.

Here is just a quick bullet point list of some of your better foods choices:

Include Liberal Amounts Of Fresh, Unprocessed And Nutritious Food

from a wide variety of sources. Shop at Farmer’s Markets and produce store rather than buying all your food from the supermarket.
Free-range eggs are OK, unless you are allergic to them.

Anti Inflammatory Foods

These foods are generally the brightly colored vegetables, but can also be various nuts, seeds and protein sources like salmon or fish high in omega-3 essential fatty acids. You can read more about anti inflammatory foods here.

Anti Oxidant Rich Foods

Foods high in anti oxidants reduce the body’s ability to be affected by free radicals, or by-products of oxidative stress. You can read a lot more about anti oxidant foods and what oxidative stress is on the relevant links.

Rotate Different Foods if possible.

Try not to eat the same foods every day, that way you won’t be challenging your immune system continually. Many psoriasis patients have foods allergies and food intolerances.

Feature Leafy-Green Vegetables

Eat especially spinach, celery, broccoli, lettuce, see the list of preferred vegetables I have described in much more detail in The Psoriasis Program.

Fermented And Cultured Foods

Eat foods such as sauerkraut, kefir, tempeh or Kim chi.

Sea Vegetables

Try to incorporate some sea vegetables (seaweeds) into your diet.