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ultimatepsoriasisprogramAs a naturopath, I’ve helped thousands of patients beat their psoriasis naturally, all without drugs. The Psoriasis Program was created by Dr. Eric Bakker N.D, who  created the ultimate psoriasis program after 26 years of clinical practice. The Psoriasis program is a series of 12 self-help books aimed at allowing those with mild, moderate or severe psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis to effectively treat themselves at home – without having to resort to harmful pharmaceutical drugs.

Before I explain in more about the causes of psoriasis, the and symptoms of psoriasis, etc., I would first like to explain to you in more detail about the 5-stage Psoriasis Program. As I mentioned, the Psoriasis Program has been designed to be a series of 12 detailed self-help books (ranging from 30 to more than 200 pages each) that all build on each other, and while you can just read these books at any point, it is probably best that you read them in the sequence I have outlined – from 1 to 12. Please take notes or underline what is important to you and feel free to write in your booklets, this is your Psoriasis Program, so highlight what is important to you.

Each of the twelve books that make up The Psoriasis Program is in a PDF e-book format, and you could place them all on a small portable flash drive and take them to your local print shop who will be able to print them out for you and bind them either individually or as one big book (over 500 pages). Of course, you may only want to print out some or all of the books, but that’s entirely up to you. Ask to have them spiral bound, and have the print shop supply a clear plastic cover and a cardboard back, this will make the booklets more durable.
The Psoriasis Program will help guide you through your recovery from psoriasis and you will find that a complete recovery program is outlined in the various books in the Psoriasis Program series. By reading and implementing all of the information contained in this most comprehensive series, you could well achieve the same great outcomes that my psoriasis patients achieve when they visit me in my clinic or those who have a consultation with me on Skype. Once you get a good understanding of the Psoriasis Program concept, feel free to modify your program including the diet, and any of the lifestyle recommendations as well as the supplementation dosages to suit your own individual needs.
The Psoriasis Program has been successfully trialed and tested over more than 20 years, involving several thousand psoriasis patients. I know this program works because of the positive feedback I have received not only from my own patients , but from naturopaths and other health care professionals I have shared several of these secrets with as well over the many years. These are not “secrets” really; but like achieving most things in life that are really worthwhile, it is a matter of applying clearly defined principles and sticking with a proven plan, continually refining it, and never giving in until you get the desired results. And what if you don’t get a good outcome? Then you will need to tweak the Psoriasis Program until you do, or discover the hidden obstacles preventing you from healing yourself and that’s exactly what I have tried to do with patients over the years. I have learned from the many mistakes I made in the early years and don’t think you should have to repeat these mistakes. Your success is virtually assured as long as you stay on track. Pay particular attention to the information contained in the Psoriasis Program, there are many great tips and hints which can help you fast track your results.

The Psoriasis Program is a result of having spent many thousands of hours in the naturopathic clinic with an incredible amount of patients suffering with psoriasis as well as psoriatic arthritis . But it is also the result of having studied countless books, websites and blog sites on this topic, as well as learning from other doctors and dermatologists  who specialize in this field. It has been the combination and culmination of all these years of hard work and experience that has led me to the point that I could formulate a series of 12 booklets for your benefit that contain enough of the most useful information that will enable you to solve your own particular case of psoriasis.

Look For The Obstacles To Cure – Seek Out Your Triggers

As you will learn later on, if improvements don’t occur long-term, or if improvements hold only temporarily and then your health quickly regresses, then you will need to look for what I call the “obstacles to cure”, and you will learn all about these when you look at the causes of psoriasis. One or more of these obstacles may be in your way and could be preventing that breakthrough from occurring that you have been so desperately looking for, especially if you are one of those psoriasis patients who has been to countless practitioners and skin specialists, read all the psoriasis books, tried all those fancy diets as well as lotions, creams and dietary supplements and still doesn’t get well and stay well. Did you know that half of psoriasis patients are not happy with their treatment, are you one of them?

Never Give Up, Apply The Right Method And You Will Get The Desired Results!

My message to patients has always been to never give in life with anything, and this is what will make the difference, sheer persistence. Persistence eventually pays off; it always does. Almost anything is possible in your life with persistence and determination, I want you to remember this down the track when the clouds roll in and cover your sun, and it looks like your psoriasis will never get well in spite of your best made plans.

I have experimented with countless psoriasis diets and programs over more than twenty years and found many are just too rigid for the average psoriasis patient to follow, while others were just too plain liberal. Some books I studied did not clearly define when to re-introduce certain foods and drinks which were eliminated, what the best skin treatments are to use, and others would elaborate on a “paint by numbers” approach to the psoriasis treatment program, for example – for the first two weeks you avoid this food, and then for the next two weeks you avoid another food, this is the only skin cream to use, etc. Many psoriasis programs were just too confusing and some were plain impossible to follow for too long or involved one or several pharmaceutical drugs. And, if a program is too rigid then the compliance will be quite poor and consequently the results will simply not be forthcoming. Is it any wonder the typical chronic psoriasis patient is confused, bewildered and completely disappointed in the end?

Forget All Those Dietary Supplements!

discount_shopIn addition, some companies who strongly promote dietary supplements or drugs aimed at psoriasis maintain that supplements or drugs alone will “cure” your psoriasis and not to worry too much about diets or natural medicine treatments, because they are just too plain difficult to follow. Some supplement resellers or drug companies even call natural medicine psoriasis treatments almost impossible; yet actively promote products or drugs, paying a small amount of attention to diet while mentioning virtually nothing about those all-too-important lifestyle changes or offering any effective natural skin-care solutions.

While some high quality dietary supplements are required, especially in chronic psoriasis cases, you will get the best possible results by a utilizing a combination of the right diet for you, lifestyle habits, high-quality dietary supplementation and by applying natural skin-care treatments. All four are required if you are to beat that psoriasis once and for all, and my emphasis is on 80 percent focus on diet and lifestyle and 20 percent focus on special anti- psoriasis foods, specialized supplements and skin care treatments. A well-coordinated approach works beautifully, and I have proven this to be the case time and again with many chronic psoriasis patients. The right diet and treatment plan for you implies that no one size fits all, and that you will need to be especially tough the first few weeks but then loosen up and modify my recommendations to suit your own needs. Don’t worry if this all sounds a bit confusing, I’ll explain all as we go along into The Psoriasis Program.

The Psoriasis Program Consists Of 12 Individual Books That Build On Each Other

Each of the 12 psoriasis books that make up The Psoriasis Program are important, and if you want to get the best out of your Psoriasis Program, then I would recommend that you read each and every book a few times over, highlighting any information important to you. It will be almost as good as coming to see me in private in my consultation room for a personal psoriasis consultation.


The second book I have written in the Psoriasis Program series is called the QUICK START Psoriasis Guide, and it will give you many quick solutions, summarizing the Psoriasis Program without having to wade through hundreds of pages of information looking for quick solutions.This guide will explain what to do and tell you which booklets to read at what stage of the Psoriasis Program. Read the booklets of interest to you, and it is best to read them in a sequence but some of the information in some booklets may be more relevant to you than others.

Why I Recommend A Four-Month Psoriasis Program

UntitledThe Psoriasis Program, if adhered to correctly, will take about twelve to sixteen weeks (three to four months) to become really effective and this time frame is based on many cases of psoriasis successfully treated for this duration.

While it is possible for good results with psoriasis to be achieved much sooner, in chronic cases it can take as long as six to twelve months to really clear a chronic case or recurring plaque psoriasis. This is not just my observation, but the observation of many different psoriasis experts I have spoken to or information I have gained from books on this topic.

Why does it take so long for some people to recover, while others recover in a matter of a few months? This can easily be explained because every case of psoriasis I see, just like every patient, is different, and has developed psoriasis under a different set of circumstances.

In addition, some cases of psoriasis will be straightforward, whereas others will be much more complex, such as psoriatic arthritis, around 10% of psoriasis cases. Some psoriatic patients will have one or multiple initiating as well as maintaining triggers (causes), and these can vary from case to case. In some situations there are even “hidden” causes that will ensure the person only ever partially recovers, until they finally overcome their own personal obstacles.
Another reason is that every patient will have his or her own reasons for wanting to recover, and this may be a partial or full recovery, as strange as it may sound. As you can see, there is no one hundred percent clear-cut path to the recovery from psoriasis.

Still Believe In A “12-Hour Psoriasis Cure”?

My advice is to steer clear of any health programs that promote “instant” psoriasis cures; in reality there is no such thing as instant when it comes to restoring as well as maintaining good health. This is similar to obtaining an “instant PhD” I have seen advertised online for five hundred dollars, and certain people will unfortunately fall for such scams for the instant things in life. Whenever you act in haste it often follows that you may well have to repent at your leisure.

It takes time to develop outstanding health because good health is based on the foundation of learning and implementing on how to lead a healthy and balanced life. Hopefully may be aware, developing outstanding health and recovery from psoriasis takes time because first you will need to learn some basic theory, and then there is the practice of adopting and implementing these healthy lifestyle and dietary habits. The main thing is to do the best you can, and even if you don’t entirely eliminate your chronic psoriasis, small but sustained improvements in your lifestyle and dietary habits as outlined in the Psoriasis Program will almost certainly bring about considerable improvements in your psoriasis, along with any other health problems you may.

Any improvements you get will make the Psoriasis Program just that more effective, because small improvements lead to greater self-esteem and often lead to even greater improvements in time. When I wrote this book, I wanted you to eradicate your psoriasis for life, not just for a mere few months or years, but wanted to offer you a permanent psoriasis solution.

The Psoriasis Program

The 5 Key Psoriasis Program Steps

  1. Do the Psoriasis Diet (a three-stage diet)
  2. Do the Internal Cleansing and Detox.
  3. Live the right Lifestyle. The right way of living and thinking.
  4. Skin treatments. Learn the best external applications.
  5. Incorporate Special Foods, Supplements, Herbs and Teas.

1. The Psoriasis Diet

Understanding Digestion And Nutrition – If you want to recover quickly and completely, follow my Psoriasis Diet. I’ll show you what to eat and the best ways to eat as well. Eat the right foods for as long as it takes and get your skin back to normal. The three-stage Psoriasis Diet is proven and has been used on countless patients in my clinic with great effect. In the Psoriasis Diet book I’ll explain all about diet and nutrition in much detail and almost all of your psoriasis dietary questions will be answered. The Psoriasis Diet is your top priority, it is by far the biggest section of the Psoriasis Program and my many dietary recommendations are at the heart of this successful program. This book is the most comprehensive psoriasis diet and nutrition book available, and is worth the price of the program alone.

2. Psoriasis – Cleansing and Detox

Cleansing and detoxification forms the foundation and paves the way for The Psoriasis Program. Bowel, liver and kidney cleansing are very important steps to take and mandatory if you want to get the amazing results I see in my clinic. I’ll show you how to successfully complete the 3-stage psoriasis-cleansing program. This section outlines the most efficient ways to cleanse and detoxify your body, and I will also discuss heavy metal toxicity and more advanced concepts in detail.

3. Psoriasis Lifestyle

Understanding the Healthy Lifestyle. Some of the book’s most important information is contained in this booklet, vital information you simply won’t find in any other psoriasis book or program. It explains how to reduce your current risk factors for not only psoriasis, but for a host of other diseases as well. You will learn about the importance of sleep, relaxation, exercise and meditation and I’ll show you how remain psoriasis-free for life

4. Psoriasis and Your Skin

Are you sick and tired of using those medical creams? Chronic psoriasis patients I have seen over the years have tried just about every single lotion and potion available, only to find out they most of them are worthless. I’ll show you some of the best natural skin treatments I know, and share with you plenty of recipes and formulations I have discovered and been taught by my patients and fellow doctors.

5. Psoriasis and Supplements

Do you want to know the best foods to eat that aid in suppressing and eradicating psoriasis? This extensive booklet shows you the most beneficial “special” foods that help the most with psoriasis. In addition, learn about the best dietary supplements money can buy and what not to waste your money on. You don’t need to spend a fortune and take dozens of different supplements for life either. I’ll teach you the best herbal medicines to use and explain exactly why and when you need them. There are a few highly beneficial teas to drink that can improve your psoriasis considerably, let me show you which ones to take and how to take them

Are You Ready To Take The Next Step?

ultimatepsoriasisprogramWhy not invest in The Psoriasis Program? The total cost on the entire 12 Psoriasis Program 12 books is less than half the consultation fee it costs to see me! I’ve spent thousands of hours accumulating this information, and the price of the Psoriasis Program is a gift! You have nothing to lose, except your psoriasis!