Psoriasis Recipes

Help Cure Your Psoriasis With These Great Recipes

Part of the joy of cooking is choosing the ingredients- especially when this involves selecting fresh fruit, herbs and vegetables and trying out new, unusual and exotic foods. Always buy the freshest ingredients possible, they contain more vitamins and minerals and have a much better flavor and texture than preserved foods. Grains, pulses, flours, cereals and herbs and spices, however, generally keep for at least 3 months, so it is worth maintaining a small store of basic dry ingredients, particularly those that need to be soaked or cooked in advance. It is also useful to keep a small selection of canned or bottled fruit, vegetables and beans for emergencies. But try to select those without artificial additives or a high sugar or salt content and use them by the “best before” date.

The range of “healthy” ingredients has grown dramatically in recent years, particularly low-fat, reduced sugar, reduced salt, high fiber and vegetarian alternatives to traditional foods. These open the way to both a healthier and a more varied diet and offer endless possibilities for personal variations. The success of a recipe depends as much on the quality of the raw materials as on the way you combine them. In many cases, it is better to use a fresh alternative than to use the specified ingredient if it is not at its best – use fresh, ripe peaches, for example, in place of hard or over-ripe nectarines. The following web pages illustrate some of the familiar as well as unusual ingredients found in the recipes. You will find advice on choosing and storing food, together with useful information about the origins, culinary applications and nutritional value of specific ingredients.

Through many years of studying, researching, and working with several leading doctors, health-care professionals and natural health researchers in Australia and New Zealand, I have learned not only about natural medicines and their healing effects on the the body, but in addition the vital importance of selecting the very best natural foods as well as creating and eating these health builders into delicious recipes. Eating the best foods has to be one of the healthiest, smartest, and simplest ways for you to obtain your true potential of optimal health and well being.

You are what you eat, and this page is linked to many stunning and seriously delicious natural health recipes. Please feel free to enjoy and share with others who have the foresight like you and I to eat the best natural foods. Many of these very recipes are some of my personal favorite recipes, many of which I have used for several years and really enjoyed, or received from patients over time.

Psoriasis Recipe Ideas

One of the hardest things on the Psoriasis Diet is figuring out exactly what to eat. You have the lists of foods to eat and foods to avoid, but how do you make a meal out of all these new ingredients?

We’ve put together as many Psoriasis Diet recipes as we can think of in this section and are always adding more, so make sure to check back in with us from time to time. There are also some most helpful articles about using anti-fungal and anti-bacterial foods in your cooking, how to add fermented and cultured foods to your diet and what to drink instead of just your morning coffee.



Lunch and Dinner

Snacks and Treats




Western Medicine is Crisis Medicine

As you are no doubt aware, our current Western medical model is designed to merely treat the symptoms of your psoriasis without determining the underlying causes. Unfortunately, you are all too often prescribed medication after expensive medication, creating more symptoms or side effects that require even more medication. Before you know it, you end up sicker than when you first went to the doctor. Is there much discussion in the doctor’s office about your lifestyle and diet and the link with psoriasis? Probably not, you may be referred to a dietitian if you are lucky, and even then, you may end up with a diet higher in processed foods, artificial sugars and “quick fixes” than I would like. For over twenty five years, it has been been my mission through my work to help people optimum health and wellness by encouraging healthy lifestyle and dietary habits, as well as helping to break the cycle of dependence on damaging and sometimes even fatal consequences of the current medical model.

Unhealthy Diet And Lifestyle Are Key Psoriasis Triggers contains many articles aimed at showing you the principles of healthy eating and living and how to make natural lifestyle changes to restore and revitalize your skin as well as your body. At the very heart of my work as a naturopathic doctor is explaining and educating psoriasis patients in the importance of proper nutrition. It is my belief that many of today’s health problems started when we moved away from the natural eating and lifestyle habits of our ancestors.

Remember some time ago, not that long ago in fact, when people cooked most of their meals at home? When people, like your grandparents perhaps, grew many of their own fruits and vegetables? Sure, there have always been “bigger” people in our society – but certainly nothing like the obesity crisis we now face in the Western world. Poor diets including convenience foods, processed foods and take-away foods have all been implicated in helping to cause the wave of many chronic health conditions we commonly see in our developed nations, including psoriasis, heart diseases, diabetes, cancers, along with many other chronic and degenerative illnesses. A move back to healthier eating is part of your permanent Psoriasis solution, and that is why these healthy recipes should be top priority when it comes to helping you beat psoriasis once and for all.

Healthy Dietary Changes Bring About Better Health And Well Being

Once you start eating healthy home made meals every day, selected from the freshest ingredients, you will begin to see amazing changes taking place in your body. You will most probably have loads more energy than you have ever had before, move effortlessly toward your ideal weight, your health will improve, and you will begin to feel better than you can probably ever remember feeling.

In my clinical work with patients and through our website, we have repeatedly seen and received feedback regarding the miraculous healing power of healthy nutrition. Simple dietary changes can reverse even chronic degenerative diseases of both a person’s mind and body. I am not saying these changes happened overnight and I am certainly not advocating “cures” or any quick fixes here, I never have. What I am saying is, that with education, encouragement, and the determination, you have the ability to achieve an amazing state of health, independence and a superior sense of well being. Optimal health should be achievable without drugs or surgery.