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Psoriasis Medical Treatment

Psoriasis medical treatment is often what the psoriasis patient will first consider, and having been referred to a Dermatologist (skin specialist) after struggling with their moderate to severe psoriasis for some time. There are different options available to the psoriasis patient, but many are dissatisfied, with up to half being unhappy with their results after having been to the skin specialist and following the advice.

There are essentially three ways you can treat psoriasis, you can treat it with natural medicine, conventional Western medicine or a combination of both. The Psoriasis Program concerns itself primarily with natural ways of treatment. The purpose of this booklet is to explain how your conventional medical doctor will generally treat your psoriasis. Most psoriasis patients with moderate to severe psoriasis end up being treated by a skin specialist, a dermatologist.

But is conventional psoriasis treatment really the way to go? You may like to read the following page: Most Psoriasis Patients Are Unhappy With Conventional Treatment

Less than one hundred years ago all health complaints were treated with natural methods, which is today seen as an “alternative” to science based healthcare. What was once normal and even practiced by conventional doctors of the day is now frowned upon as fringe medicine.

Natural Versus Conventional Medical Psoriasis Treatment

Modern science and the expensive marketing of powerful and profitable pharmaceutical drugs have ensured that the modern approach is in favor of the drug-based approach. This trend has been slowly but surely reversing the past two decades, as many people with psoriasis are now demanding a more natural and side effect free approach towards their healthcare. While I firmly believe that the conventional science based approach to medicine has its place, conventional treatment relies on powerful chemical based medicines that only suppress symptoms. Check out this page: Psoriasis Medical Treatment.

Natural treatments work more indirectly by strengthening the body’s innate healing responses and in finding the actual causes rather than just relying on treating the symptoms. Many patients come to us seeking assistance with their psoriasis because they have not only become disillusioned with a lack of permanent results, they have become concerned about the risks and potentially serious side effects of the drug-based approach and want to finally get to the root cause of their psoriasis.

Your psoriasis as well as your overall general health can be improved profoundly with the help of an experienced practitioner of natural medicine or medical doctor who has a good working knowledge of natural medicine. If you want to stay remain under the care of a conventional medical doctor, it is preferable that your doctor has had formal training in natural medicine, and doctors who have had this kind of training have become medical practitioners initially, and then furthered their studies to include nutritional medicine and maybe even herbal medicine and homeopathy. This especially relevant if you want to go “the natural way” and avoid pharmaceutical drugs, ointments and creams with your psoriasis.

Work With A Doctor Interested In Natural Medicine

You should be able to find an alternative doctor online in your country through a professional association. I have worked in medical clinics for fifteen years and come to know many alternative medicine doctors during that period of time. I can highly recommend any naturopath to spend a few years working alongside doctors to understand the medical system and to learn valuable skills they would otherwise never gain. In addition, it is also preferable that your natural health-care professional has a good understanding and respect for the conventional medical system and will know when to refer you on when necessary.

Today in the 21st century, many people are interested in the best of both worlds, i.e. the benefits that medical sciences as well as natural medicine have to offer combined. Psoriasis patients have become a lot more informed through the Internet these days, and more gentle forms of treatment are generally preferred with the least amount of intervention before powerful drugs or invasive procedures are employed. In this sense it is good to work in conjunction with an experienced naturopath who has undertaken high-level health science based training, or a medical doctor who has undertaken post-graduate natural medicine training. The ultimate is for you to form a relationship with one or both of these health-care professionals so that you can get a more balanced viewpoint when it comes to the treatment of your psoriasis and associated health problems.

Whichever way your psoriasis is treated, it is important for your practitioner to individualize your treatment, because bio-individuality is one of the major factors in achieving a successful course of psoriasis treatment with long lasting benefits to you, the patient.

Although people may share similar signs and symptoms of psoriasis, some practitioners may try to give all patients with psoriasis virtually an identical form of treatment. I have learned that there is often no single way that even two persons can have exactly the same signs and symptom patterns and therefore be treated identically. Even identical twins have been found to have a different expression of the same illness. And this may create more problems for the medical practitioner than it can for the natural medicine practitioner, because the doctor will treat the disease and its symptoms as individual illnesses, whereas the naturopath will treat the person as an individual and his or her symptoms as a whole.