Psoriasis Dessert Recipes

Well who would of thought that desserts can be healthy? Healthy is not exactly a black and white word, as there are many shades of gray when it comes to what constitutes healthy food because health is not made or broken by any one single food. Good health reflects your daily choices and habits, not just purely what you eat, healthy living is made up from a series of healthy choices, and not necessarily events like eating this or that food. Many probably think that eating healthy simply means eating less sugar and fat, but this won’t change the reality that a cookie is and will remain a cookie, because nice cookies will always contain some kind of sugar and flour and never be an example of healthy and balanced eating plan. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t eat a cookie and stay healthy too!

When you eat a cookie, you tend to eat one as a snack food and for enjoyment, not because you want to eat them to stay healthy. Eating a food because you enjoy eating it is as important as eating a food due to the health building aspects that it can bring you. Bearing this in mind, doesn’t it therefore make sense to make your cookies healthier? Now I know that cookies are not for everybody, and that others consider a muffin or a piece of cake a real treat, but the point I’m making is that treats are perfectly fine every now and then. Just be sure that the ingredients you choose for your desserts, along with often you will be eating your chosen dessert are factored into your healthy psoriasis diet.

The challenge for most people with psoriasis who will want to enjoy a dessert every now and then is to be selective about the kind of foods they prioritize, which foods they drop, and which foods they upgrade their diet to. It’s really up to you, you are the one calling the shots when it comes to diet and lifestyle, only you can decide what are the best foods to eat if you are serious in recovering from psoriasis. By following this recipe blog and eating the suggested recipes, you will be well on your way towards resolving your psoriasis permanently.

Four Tips On Making Healthier Desserts

Your main priority is to remove as much sugar and yeasty foods from your diet when it comes to eradicating psoriasis naturally. Daily sweet treats derail you plans, even your best laid plans, when it comes to beating psoriasis. Ideally, you will be limiting sweet foods or getting them out of your diet entirely. I know this is a tall ask and that you will want your cake and eat it too as time goes by, and all your best laid plans fall by the wayside! OK, in the interest of achieving goals but within reason, let’s look at a few important points when it comes to a healthy dessert:

  • Let’s make desserts healthier.
  • Let’s look at ways to cut out sugar, and offer healthier alternatives.
  • Let’s look at healthier fat options.
  • Let’s look at moving away from wheat flour.

1. Cut Out Sweeteners. Start by reducing 1/3 up to 1/2 of the amount of sweetening that any given recipe calls for. You will be pleasantly surprised how nice your dessert still tastes! Most recipes have WAY too may sugar or sweetening agent added to them. Over time, you may even be able to reduce the amount of sweeteners by 80 percent or more.

2. Try Healthy Sweeteners. Try to stop consuming sucrose, maltodextrin, Aspartame, Phenylketonurics, and other forms of artificial sugars. Consume small amounts of Stevia or Xylitol instead. It really matters which stevia you get. Some brands are really bitter, you may need to experiment.

3. Move Away From Wheat Flour. The trend these days is to move away from wheat and traditional wheaten flour based desserts to other more gluten-free options such as coconut flour, buckwheat, or rice. You can also substitute a percentage of flour in your diet with 1/3 to 1/2 of an alternative option.

4. Use Natural Fats. You may want to consider moving away from traditional fats in your desserts like margarine or a processed fat for more healthy and natural options like coconut oil, natural butter, olive oil.

I trust that some of these recommendations will be of use to you and inspire you to give your desserts a healthy make-over. It won’t take much getting used to these healthy changes, and you may notice a few small changes in the texture and flavor of your dessert but you will quickly get used to them knowing that you are doing yourself and your family and friends a big favor by making healthy changes.