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Signs And Symptoms Of Psoriasis Include Red, Dry, Itchy And Scaling Skin. If You Have Psoriatic Arthritis, You May Also Have Pain And Swelling In The Joints.

Digestive System Problems Commonly Caused By Stress

Digestive system problems commonly caused by stress is nothing new to me, I’ve noticed this connection many years ago, especially in those with psoriasis.  The digestive system is a key area for those with psoriasis, and under stress psoriasis sufferers may notice a significant amount more gas, cramps, bloating, constipation or diarrhea. So, if you regularly get an exacerbation of your symptoms, ask yourself what… Read More »Digestive System Problems Commonly Caused By Stress

Comprehensive Stool Analysis With Psoriasis

Functional Medicine Testing And Psoriasis Comprehensive stool analysis with psoriasis makes a lot of sense. Have you read my book entitled The Psoriasis and Candida Connection yet? You will need to get hold of a copy of The Psoriasis Program if you want to learn all about the connection between psoriasis and candida yeast infection. This is important information, because research has shown that up… Read More »Comprehensive Stool Analysis With Psoriasis

Side Effects From Psoriasis Medication

Have you experienced side effects from psoriasis medication? You are not alone, around a third of psoriasis patients surveyed who have mild psoriasis said that they relied on topical (skin) treatments alone, because they had discovered that these kind of treatments had the fewest side effects, or that their psoriasis wasn’t severe enough to take a drug regularly, or that their doctor wasn’t interested in… Read More »Side Effects From Psoriasis Medication

Allergies and Food Intolerances

What The Big Deal About Allergies And Food Intolerances? There are lots of people with psoriasis who have asked me about about their food allergies and intolerance, and a lot of people kind of get confused and think that all food reactions are allergies, when in fact, many reactions are intolerances to foods and NOT food allergies. So how do you distinguish between them both?… Read More »Allergies and Food Intolerances