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Bakker’s Muesli Recipe

My Own Personal Muesli Recipe The advantage of coming to our website is that you will find my own personal favourite recipes, and this would have to be one of them! Of course you can buy the “boxed” cereals, but making your own gives you total control over the ingredients. You can avoid the peanuts, which are a cheaper “nut” and are not the best… Read More »Bakker’s Muesli Recipe

About Eric Bakker N.D.

Why I Created The Psoriasis Program You’re probably reading this because you’re suffering from psoriasis, or because you’ve recognized that there’s something just not right about your skin and possibly your health in general right now. While I have personally never experienced psoriasis, I’ve certainly seen over one thousand psoriasis patients in my 26 years of practice who have, because I have specialized in certain… Read More »About Eric Bakker N.D.