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Liver Detoxification And Psoriasis Drug Treatments

Here’s A Good Tip – Liver Cleansing After Drug Treatment                                         Here are a few good tips for clearing any stubborn drug residues from your liver after you have received a pharmaceutical drug from your doctor. I routinely see many patients who have never felt quite well since taking a drug. How do you know if your liver is suffering? Here are the telltale signs that… Read More »Liver Detoxification And Psoriasis Drug Treatments

Psoriasis Detox Hints And Tips

Some Important And Handy Psoriasis Detox Hints And Tips: Never over-eat on a detox. Eat less, not more, eat more slowly and concentrate on smaller portion sizes. Use smaller dinner plates, that way they will look rather full when you place a smaller portion on them, a good trick. Try not to eat late at night or within 2 hours of going to bed. Drink… Read More »Psoriasis Detox Hints And Tips

Your Liver And Psoriasis

The Important Connection Between Your Liver And Psoriasis The liver is the largest organ in your body; it is the major cleanser and filter of the blood stream and plays a critical role in keeping you healthy and free from an incredible amount of toxins and chemicals that make their way into your diet. The liver contains many cells called Kupffer cells that ingest and… Read More »Your Liver And Psoriasis

Your Kidneys And Psoriasis

Your Kidneys And Psoriasis Have A Special Relationship Your kidneys play a very important role when it comes to cleansing the body of toxins. These two little hardworking organs positioned in your lower back filter all your blood, around 6 litres of it, twice every hour, filtering out any dangerous impurities and discarding them out of the body by way of the urine. The kidneys… Read More »Your Kidneys And Psoriasis