Liver Detoxification And Psoriasis Drug Treatments

Here’s A Good Tip – Liver Cleansing After Drug Treatment

Here are a few good tips for clearing any stubborn drug residues from your liver after you have received a pharmaceutical drug from your doctor. I routinely see many patients who have never felt quite well since taking a drug. How do you know if your liver is suffering?

Here are the telltale signs that your liver needs a tune-up:

Some of these drugs include Etanercept, Inflixamab, Adalimumab, and Ustekinumab.

Fogginess in the head, feeling spaced out. Recurring headaches or a dull feeling in the head. Feeling sick all over, queasiness, and nausea or not right in the digestion. Poor or a listless appetite, could feel like being hung-over. Poor tolerance to alcohol, fatty foods, chips or spicy foods. Fatigued, tired, lack of stamina, prefer to stay in bed. Hard to get up in the morning, unmotivated, anxiety and easily angered. Drugs don’t work anymore in spite of high dosages.

Try this approach: follow a liver friendly diet, eat freshly grated beetroot and carrot combined, fresh garlic, partially steamed broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, radish, Chinese vegetables such as Bok choy, artichoke hearts, capers, olives, fresh lettuce. Drink roasted dandelion root coffee. Take a mixture like Swedish Bitters three times daily before meals and in particular take aged Kyolic Garlic as a dietary supplement at least three times daily. Be sure to drink NO alcohol for at least a month or two during liver treatment.

Still feeling unwell after a drug treatment? Then be sure to follow the 3-stage detoxification program I have outlined in the booklet entitled – Psoriasis, Internal Cleansing And Detox. This is one of 13 booklets that make up my 600+ page Psoriasis Program.
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