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Meat And Vegetable Pie

A Healthy And Tasty Recipe Now here is an economical, unusual and very tasty dish. Tracee and I first started to make this dish about twenty six years ago now. It is a recipe from one of those women’s magazines which I tore out and took interest in due to the large and varied selection of vegetables. This dish is very comprehensive and quite filling… Read More »Meat And Vegetable Pie

Chicken, Leek And Corn Pie

Chicken, leek and corn pie is a very tasty dish. This recipe is special because it’s just so easy, and it also looks pretty special so it’s a good one to pull out if you’re trying to impress. It tastes as good as it sounds. There are dozens of recipes similar to this one, but I have made this one a few times and know… Read More »Chicken, Leek And Corn Pie