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Tofu And Spinach Pies

These little spinach pies are one of my favorite recipes. They are a great lunchbox filler and so healthy to. Try them, the kids like them as well. Spinach is quite possible along with kale in the top two or three of healthy leafy greens. Try and eat some spinach a few times a week, because fresh spinach contains a lot of folic acid, one… Read More »Tofu And Spinach Pies

Cooked Breakfast

Cooked Breakfast Is My Favorite Weekend Breakfast This is one of my favorite breakfasts, especially on the weekends and will keep the tank topped up for many hours. You should not feel hungry for several hours after this hearty meal. Especially good meal if you have a lot on and anticipate you may not be able to eat until 1.00pm. You can have this breakfast… Read More »Cooked Breakfast