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Immune System

Rebuilding Your Immune System Is A Vital First Step To Curing Your Psoriasis Permanently.

Is There A Link Between Psoriasis And Rheumatoid Arthritis?

  Did you know that if you have psoriasis that you are more likely to have another kind of auto-immune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis? Those who are diagnosed with psoriasis are more than 50 percent more likely than patients without psoriasis to become diagnosed with at least one other autoimmune disease, and are almost twice as likely to have at least two if not… Read More »Is There A Link Between Psoriasis And Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Psoriasis And Stress

 Psoriasis And Stress Are Intricately Linked Have you read my booklet entitled “Psoriasis, Stress and Immunity”? Understanding psoriasis and stress is such an important topic when it comes to significantly improving your psoriasis. that is is part of my 13-book series I wrote that makes up The Psoriasis Program. It will give you an excellent overview of how your immune system copes under stress, and… Read More »Psoriasis And Stress

Immune Boosting Psoriasis Foods

Consider Eating Immune Boosting Psoriasis Foods Immune boosting psoriasis foods are an important consideration for those who are interested in tackling the inflammation commonly encountered with psoriasis. If you have read The Psoriasis Diet book (one of the 11 books that form The Psoriasis Program), you will have read of the importance of following a low-allergy diet for several weeks. This is stage-2 of the… Read More »Immune Boosting Psoriasis Foods

Antioxidant Foods For Psoriasis

Antioxidant-Rich Foods Antioxidant foods for psoriasis are an important consideration for those people who do have psoriasis, and who want to improve their diet and make their diet work for them. The skin in patients with chronic psoriasis, much like the skin in those who have received significant burns, has been found to have increased levels of the enzyme called xanthine oxidase. This enzyme is… Read More »Antioxidant Foods For Psoriasis