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Natural Psoriasis Treatment

Psoriatic Arthritis Drug Treatment

Psoriatic Arthritis Treatment Psoriatic arthritis drug treatment is common, the conventional treatment of the arthritis symptoms of psoriatic arthritis is most always based on pharmaceutical drugs. The treatment initially involves a combination of anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) and exercise. If progressive inflammation and joint destruction occurs despite NSAIDs treatment, more potent medications such as methotrexate, corticosteroids, and antimalarial medications (such as hydroxychloroquine, or Plaquenil) are used.… Read More »Psoriatic Arthritis Drug Treatment

Can Pharmaceutical Drugs Be Causing My Psoriasis?

Many Drugs Can Cause Psoriasis Can pharmaceutical drugs be causing my psoriasis? This is something many psoriasis patients may be thinking. The tragedy I have found is that a patient can sometimes experience many of the typical signs and symptoms of psoriasis, like itchy, dry, or cracked skin. There may even be patches of plaque forming that look just like psoriasis. This “mystery illness” may… Read More »Can Pharmaceutical Drugs Be Causing My Psoriasis?

Immune Boosting Psoriasis Foods

Consider Eating Immune Boosting Psoriasis Foods Immune boosting psoriasis foods are an important consideration for those who are interested in tackling the inflammation commonly encountered with psoriasis. If you have read The Psoriasis Diet book (one of the 11 books that form The Psoriasis Program), you will have read of the importance of following a low-allergy diet for several weeks. This is stage-2 of the… Read More »Immune Boosting Psoriasis Foods

Turmeric And Ginger For Psoriasis

Why Turmeric And Ginger Are Good To Use With Psoriasis Should you use turmeric and ginger for psoriasis? You may well be familiar with turmeric, the yellow spice commonly found in curry, or ginger, another spicy herb used in cooking and baking. I’ve been recommending the powdered root of both turmeric and ginger for psoriasis for many years.These spices can come either as powdered or… Read More »Turmeric And Ginger For Psoriasis