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Healthy Pancake Recipe

Who Says Pancakes Can’t Be Healthy? There is this misconception among many of my psoriasis patients that pancakes make you fat and are for people who couldn’t care much about their waistline. Well, this is simply not true, and this recipe is an excellent example to put the record straight. This is a delicious and very healthy pancake recipe for those who are allergic to… Read More »Healthy Pancake Recipe

Buckwheat Pancakes

A Very Tasty Breakfast Treat Have you ever tried to make buckwheat pancakes? They are so satisfying and good for you too. Many people consider pancakes too much effort to make and go for those packet mixes you buy in the supermarket. Not only are they full of things you don’t want in your diet, they are more expensive and don’t taste half as good!… Read More »Buckwheat Pancakes

Cooked Breakfast

Cooked Breakfast Is My Favorite Weekend Breakfast This is one of my favorite breakfasts, especially on the weekends and will keep the tank topped up for many hours. You should not feel hungry for several hours after this hearty meal. Especially good meal if you have a lot on and anticipate you may not be able to eat until 1.00pm. You can have this breakfast… Read More »Cooked Breakfast

Bakker’s Muesli Recipe

My Own Personal Muesli Recipe The advantage of coming to our website is that you will find my own personal favourite recipes, and this would have to be one of them! Of course you can buy the “boxed” cereals, but making your own gives you total control over the ingredients. You can avoid the peanuts, which are a cheaper “nut” and are not the best… Read More »Bakker’s Muesli Recipe