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The Psoriasis Lifestyle is all about giving you the best hints and tips on how to live a balanced lifestyle that will help keep your psoriasis at bay.

Emotion Stress Is A PsoriasisTrigger

Emotional Stress Can Often Trigger Psoriasis After having been in clinical naturopathic practice for almost 30 years,  I have noticed  that powerful emotional events occurring in that person’s life are frequently linked with the actual cause of their poor health. And in the case of people with psoriasis, there is no exception. In fact, most of my psoriasis patients notice that stress, particularly emotional stress, has been… Read More »Emotion Stress Is A PsoriasisTrigger

Psoriasis And Stress Are Linked

Understanding That Psoriasis Is Linked To Stress Is Important What you are about to read is something I will often try to explain to psoriasis patients who pay me a visit, it is an explanation of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and how it can bring you a lot of joy or a lot of grief in your life. Psoriasis and stress are certainly linked,… Read More »Psoriasis And Stress Are Linked

Psoriasis And Exercise

Those With Psoriasis Benefit From Significantly From Exercise Psoriasis and exercise are a good combination if you are looking for ways to minimise your psoriasis flare-ups. Regular exercise also helps to reduce stress levels, and stress is one of the leading triggers when it comes to flare-ups or psoriasis aggravations. Dr. Alan Menter, chairman of the division of dermatology at Baylor University Medical Center in… Read More »Psoriasis And Exercise

8 Best Psoriasis Exercise Tips

Don’t Let Psoriasis Put You Off Exercise! It was time for me to write a blog post outlining some great psoriasis exercise tips. I have found that those who exercise quite vigorously every day may be doing themselves a disservice. Those who are too vigorous may even possibly be aggravating their psoriasis because of how much stress they place on their metabolism, skin and their… Read More »8 Best Psoriasis Exercise Tips