Digestive System Problems Commonly Caused By Stress

Functional Medicine Testing And Psoriasis

Digestive system problems commonly caused by stress is nothing new to me, I’ve noticed this connection many years ago, especially in those with psoriasis. The digestive system is a key area for those with psoriasis, and under stress psoriasis sufferers may notice a significant amount more gas, cramps, bloating, constipation or diarrhea.

So, if you regularly get an exacerbation of your symptoms, ask yourself what kind of stress were you facing the day of the week before, this may well explain a few things! I’d like you to observe the cause (e.g. your mother-in law, son, daughter, partner or your boss) and the effect (e.g. your sudden indigestion, gas, constipation, nausea, etc.) Don’t discount the medications, drugs or dietary supplements which you may be taking under stressful conditions, or to help you overcome stressful events that induce symptoms like insomnia, muscle cramps, headaches, etc. Sometimes these medicines can be the very cause of digestive aggravations.

Remember, the major and even minor emotional events or conflicts we have with people often can bring on aggravations. By understanding the relationship between any potential stressful events in your life and their physical outcome, you will be in a much better position to avert such potential problems by a two-fold nature.

You will learn the art of cause and effect, and will be more able to understand that any stressful event could be potentially underpinning some of the key digestive complaints you experience when you have psoriasis. Knowledge is power. By applying the knowledge you are about to learn below with regard to the autonomic nervous system, that stressful events effect your sympathetic nervous system, and that by increasing the activity of your parasympathetic nervous system you will be able to reduce all psoriasis related symptoms caused by stress and bring your body back to a state of harmony.

Psoriasis Is More Than Skin Deep

It never ceases to amaze me how so many people who are afflicted with psoriasis I’ve seen also present at my clinic with digestive problems, and that these same people have chronic low-grade stress in their lives. Are you one of them? Can you recognize that stress is a factor in your life, and that it may play a role in the development of not only your digestive problem, but your psoriasis as well? If you do recognize the connection and are smart enough to reduce your stress, you may just find that your digestive system and your skin will both improve.

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