The 6 Principles Of Self-Responsibility

Why should you take on the responsibility of your own health?

It is too easy to get caught up in the trap of non-responsibility like some folks with psoriasis have. Some patients I have seen believe that they are controlled by their circumstances or by their partner’s choices, and not by their own choices. When you create these loopholes and booby-traps for yourself it is too easy to create destructive health patterns like avoiding exercise, eating convenience foods on the hop, drinking too much alcohol, all the while knowing that “things could be a whole lot better”, but you have made the decision to defer your healthy habits until the kids move out, until you have a better job, until your finances improve, until you have left your partner who takes you for granted, or any one of a million other reasons such as “I’ll wait until the 1st of January next year, that’s when I’ll go on a detox”. I’ve heard them all when it comes to chronic health complaints like psoriasis. Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Here are 6 principles that can help you shape some more self-responsibility if you only let them.

Be motivated by a desire to be happy. You can pursue a high level of health for the sake of wanting to feel great about your life. Focus on the positive in your life and never the negative, and always know that people are as happy as they make up their minds to be. I like people to always imagine that their future will be the best time of their life. When your mind is encouraged to think positive on a daily basis, “miracles” just seem to happen. You may like to read “The Secret”, a self-help book written in 2006 by Rhonda Byrne. Take control of your life. Some of my favorite quotes are from Jim Rohn, and this is one of my personal favorites: “If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for little old YOU? …. Not much.” While your family, friends, boss and co-workers may have an influence in your life, you will ultimately make your own choices and need to accept full responsibility for what good or poor health patterns occur in your own life. When you finally decide to come to terms with this level of reality, only then will you be free from the need to find lame excuses, scapegoats, or victim mentalities. At that point you will most certainly discover that the relationship between diet, lifestyle and psoriasis are inextricably linked. There is only one you. This is very important to understand. Even though similar factors apply when it comes to people developing psoriasis, your individual path to recovery and wellness in your situation will be different from anybody else. Try to picture yourself as being extraordinary in every way, your immune system, brain, body-build, likes and dislikes, occupation, lifestyle and diet, in fact everything is different from anybody else. This is why you will need to shape and form the Psoriasis Program to suit your own unique and individual needs. As in disease development processes, similar principles apply to most people like diet, lifestyle, stress management, exercise, etc., but you will have to tweak things to suit your own unique needs. Do you have a sense of purpose? Do you have an aim in your life? If you do, having an aim and clear set of goals in your life can give you the rewards of feeling centered and content as your life progresses. For example, one of my goals was to complete the Psoriasis Program and to get it into your hands, and I have achieved a great sense of satisfaction by having achieved this. What is one of your goals? I’m sure that a permanent solution to your psoriasis is on your mind, that’s why you bought this Program. Dr. Hans Selye (Stress Without Distress) discovered and documented in the 1930’s that stress made people sick, always believed that a goal or definite purpose in a person’s life was one of the most important and fundamental principles to positive health and well being. Write down your goals and think about your purpose, your immune system will certainly benefit and so will your recovery from psoriasis. Don’t make decisions when stressed. Postpone making any decisions until you feel better. Some patients make big or important decisions during an aggravation of their psoriasis treatment or when they are undergoing a detox for example. These are the wrong times because you can be emotionally charged and your feelings and thoughts may be clouded with negativity or a sense of pessimism. Start Today! Don’t postpone the inevitable, start right NOW by making simple healthy changes and don’t tell anybody about it either. How many people have you heard tell you: “I’ve just started a diet, I’m going to the gym now and eating healthy”. Next week they have a wine glass in their hand and don’t mention anything about the exercise. Just do it don’t talk about it, actions speak louder than words. One of my favorite quotations is this: “A good plan violently executed today is better than a perfect plan executed next week.” You will have a lot more self-respect and people will respect you more too when you act rather than talk. It’s the little things you do everyday that count. Start today by moving your body more, and doing something that brings you joy and pleasure every single day. The biggest journey starts with the smallest step, so let’s step out today.
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