High Fiber Breakfast

A High Fiber Diet Means Great Health

A high fiber diet affects most parts of your digestive system. It increases the amount of time you chew which results in increased salivary and gastric juice flow. This decreases dental plaque and tooth decay, satisfies your appetite more quickly and as a result reduces your total calorie intake. What does that mean? It means you feel fuller sooner and eat less, and that means weight loss. There are many more reasons why you would benefit from a high fiber diet, for example soluble fibers also tend to have a cholesterol lowering effect.

It increases the removal of bile acids, decreases intestinal absorption of fatty acids and cholesterol and decreases cholesterol synthesis. Soluble fiber also binds cholesterol for elimination. These are just a handful of the many reasons you would benefit from adding fiber to your diet, and this recipe is a great start!


(30 Grams is roughly equivalent to 1 Tablespoon)

30 grams sunflower seeds 30 grams pine nuts 30 grams flaked almonds 30 grams sesame seeds 30 grams roughly chopped pecans 50 grams whole or ground linseed (LSA mix is fine) 20 grams puffed millet, rice or quinoa 20 grams shredded coconut 30 grams puffed rice or puffed millet or puffed quinoa Natural yogurt (a little natural yogurt is fine, no need to avoid 100%) Frozen or fresh mixed berries, I like blueberries

Mix all the nuts, seeds and cereal together into a big bowl. Measure one serving into a breakfast bowl. Add a handful of mixed berries. Serve with 1-2 dessert spoonfuls of an organic natural yogurt or a little rice, oat or almond milk.

Health-Tip – Blueberries Are A Super Food

Packed with antioxidants blue berries contain the immunity boosting powers and anti oxidant equivalent to 5 servings of broccoli. Eaten regularly they improve blood circulation, improve eyesight, fight urinary tract infections and have an anti-inflammatory effect. Best of all blueberries are believed to prevent cancer and protect against dementia, heart disease and strokes. Recommend 3 or 4 times a week for full immunity boosting benefits. They taste so great too! You may find berries a bit pricey, but you don’t need to eat large quantities to get the benefit. Small amounts regularly!

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