Digestive Issues Are Common With Psoriasis

Digestive Issues Are Common With Psoriasis

Digestive issues are common with psoriasis. There appears to be a relationship between gluten sensitivity, being celiac, inflammatory diseases like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis and psoriasis. Microscopic bowel lesions and intestinal permeability (leaky gut syndrome) have been discovered by researchers in these conditions, and intestinal permeability seems to be a common thread here.

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I have noticed a relationship with pancreatic dysfunction in those with psoriasis as well, and pancreatic insufficiency and even acute pancreatitis are more common in those with psoriasis.

Drs Jo Pizzorno and Michael Murray, as well as Dr. Elizabeth Lipsky have noted various factors that have an influence on the progression of psoriasis. These factors include poor or incomplete digestion of foods, especially protein foods, food sensitivities or food allergies, bowel toxemia (dysbiosis), poor liver function, eating high amounts of animal fats or sugars, and reacting to alcoholic beverages.

Bacteria can produce certain toxic substances or break down protein substances in the digestive system that have been incompletely broken down. One such group of toxic substances found in patients with psoriasis in particular are called polyamines. The production of cyclic AMP becomes blocked by polyamines, contributing to the progression and development of psoriasis.

The more you read and study about psoriasis, the more you will learn that the causes of psoriasis and treatments of psoriasis can be quite complex. I have found that successful treatment must encompass different approaches aimed at the specifics of each and every presenting case. For this reason, you will find that no one size fits all when it comes to psoriasis, and I highly recommend that for the best results you are best to understand your own personal triggers. Be sure to pay particular attention to your digestive system, because digestive issues are very common in those with psoriasis.

Poor Pancreatic Function Is Common With Psoriasis

A very common occurrence in psoriasis patients in particular is poor stomach or pancreatic performance, and for this very reason I highly recommend the supplementation of digestive enzymes for all of my psoriasis patients. Protein digestion starts in the stomach, and for this reason alone I highly recommend enzymes with each meal for at least two to three months to bring about a big improvement in those with moderate to chronic psoriasis. You can read more about the pancreas here.


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