Your Psoriasis Story

Your Psoriasis Story

Are you suffering with psoriasis? Don’t worry – you’re not alone! Dr. Bakker get lots of emails from readers and patients detailing their experiences (good and bad) with their psoriasis.

If you’d like to provide a little support to other psoriasis sufferers, submit it through our contact page, and we’ll add your story right away. What you read on this page are all real stories from our readers and many psoriasis sufferers find them useful. You can also send “before and after” pictures if you wish, these give others hope that they can beat psoriasis. You can remain anonymous if you wish as well, just let us know.

John, 50yrs. Company Director.

John came to our clinic earlier this year with significant body covering of psoriasis. He was overweight, suffered with high cholesterol and high blood pressure. John likes to drink beer and wine and also showed signs of a candida yeast infection, which is something I commonly see with psoriasis patients – a fungal infection. The main focus was digestive work and particularly the eradication of yeast. I knew he would not stop alcohol, so I switched him from drinking beer and wine to gin. And, yes – it worked, the bowel improved, the yeast is virtually gone – but remarkably, have a look at the pictures below. Almost complete remission of all his psoriatic lesions.

The pictures are of John’s hands before and after psoriasis treatment. The photos were taken 6 weeks apart and the treatment was quite simple really, I just worked on improving his health and taught John how to follow the principles outlined in the Psoriasis Program. All pharmaceutical drugs were stopped because they made literally no difference. John had significant psoriasis of his scalp, torso and feet but for privacy reasons only wanted to supply the pictures of his hands.

It will take a further 3 – 6 months of treatment before we see a 99 % + improvement. By the way, did I forget to mention that he has lost considerable weight (over 30 pounds), reduced his cholesterol and blood pressure and is feeling fantastic?

Naturopathy is about improving people’s lives, not eradicating symptoms. Clearing up John’s psoriasis will change his life significantly, his self-esteem is booming and the positive changes he has made have impacted on all areas of his life, not just his skin. John’s improvement can be attributed to the methods he learned from the Psoriasis Program.

Here is a nice email I received from John’s wife:

“Hi Eric, John has had bad psoriasis for more than 10 years. In January last year it was covering his body from head to toe. You can now see the difference in his hands and we are getting the same results on his feet after your recommendations. And on the rest of his body it has almost completely gone! The capping on his head is 98% gone – it was similar to that on his hands.

We think his nails are growing back normal which is very motivating for him. Seems the white moons are smooth for the first time in years. We are scared to change anything in terms of your Psoriasis Treatment Program, so will keep going. John is so grateful and his friends and family are amazed!”.

Thanks so much, Liz.