Thai Fried Rice

Thai Fried Rice

Fried Rice Makes You Nice

Thai fried rice is a recipe I have been making for many years and it is a family favourite. It is easy to make but does take a little time to prepare as there are several ingredients which need chopping up. Do you like fresh vegetables and Asian food? If you do, you will love this dish. It tastes great when made on the day, but can be successfully frozen in portions and re-heated at another time conveniently for those days when you are in a hurry and just don’t have the time to prepare and cook a healthy meal.

Don’t you love cooking? I enjoy cooking and sharing nice food with family and friends. If you make this the way I do, you will most certainly get requests to make it time and again. This meal actually tastes better when re-heated the following day, but please do not use a microwave to do this.

Isn’t Ham “Bad”?

Why ham or bacon, I thought smoked or cured meats were bad for you? Yes, and so is breathing the air and drinking the water. What is the definition of health? The slowest possible way – to die. My grandfather ate ham and bacon most every day, and died in his 90’s a contented man who enjoyed a cigar and a glass of wine most days. I see patients that have died of lung cancer – who have never smoked. The point is that nobody gets out alive, and if moderate your lifestyle and diet (especially as you age) you will come out on top. And always remember the words of Mark Twain that “one should be careful about reading health books because you may die of a misprint”.

It is all about balance folks, I get rather tired of those Dr. healthy gurus who dribble than one should “not eat this and not that” and then take a call on their mobile phone as they drive off in their polluting cars. Live your life according to your own convention, and like your garden, have your diet and lifestyle to suit yourself.

The Stainless Steel Bowls

Notice the small bowls in the picture? These are small stainless steel bowls I use with food preparation. Buy about ten of them and you will find them most handy when you come to make Asian dishes. The reason I use them is simple, firstly you cut or chop your ingredients you have somewhere to put them and keep your cutting board clean, secondly you will find that some ingredients go into the wok at different stages, for example, the onions go in first. These bowls are very easy to clean – just rinse them in hot water after you have emptied them – all done. You will have a good overview of the meal you are making and can see what ingredients are missing too.

Only the Freshest Ingredients

Have you ever bought frozen vegetables? I’m sure you have at one stage. It just isn’t the same, while you can make stir fry dishes with frozen vegetables, the texture and flavour as well as the nutritional content are all compromised. Always use fresh vegetables in your food preparation, the people you cook for will appreciate it and you will enhance your health more. Frozen vegetables are not the best as far as I’m concerned. Tracee bought a bag a few weeks ago of “mixed frozen vegetables” and they were gross – so out to the chickens they went when she was not looking, mind you, in saying that, I do use frozen peas as fresh ones are not always readily available.

Notice that I use a red capsicum in this recipe – you may want to try and eliminate this vegetable for a few months (a solanacea or nightshade vegetable) to see if your psoriasis is triggered by it.


1 Large red capsicum (bell pepper). 1 Large handful of fresh peas (frozen if no fresh available). 6 spring onions. 250 grams of cooked prawns (shrimp). 250 grams of ham or finely chopped bacon. 1 large brown onion. 3 free range eggs. 500 grams of rice which has been cooked the day before and left to cool. 6 cloves of garlic. By the way, avoid buying Chinese garlic. Sesame oil.


Cut all the vegetables the same size, this dish will cook faster and more evenly and the presentation will be improved when you do this. Make an omelet out our the three eggs, to which you have added the finely chopped garlic. Cook, flip over and cook again. When cooked through, place omelet on a plate and pop it into the refrigerator, leave it cool right down. Cook the rice the day before, spread it out on a tray and let it dry out a little. Add about 1 – 2 tablespoons of sesame oil to your steel wok. You do have a wok, don’t you? Get a steel one please, and avoid those Teflon coated electric woks. Cook the rice first for about five minutes, then add the onion and cook for a further three or four minutes, stirring regularly. Add all the rest of the ingredients and cook for about 5 – 10 minutes. Sprinkle a little soy sauce or tamari on top and stir through. When you are nearly done. take the omelet out of the fridge, cut it into strips one way, turn the plate around and cut again, you should have small little squares the size of the other vegetables in the wok. Add to the rice and stir through. Enjoy! Remember to keep some for the following day, this meal tastes great when reheated and served with some soy sauce.
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