Tai Chi For Psoriasis

Tai Chi For Psoriasis

How you ever thought about Tai Chi for psoriasis? This form of gentle exercise is quite different from Yoga. It originated in China, whereas Yoga originally came from India. Tai Chi is a Chinese system of slow meditative physical exercises designed for relaxing the body as well as balance and health in general. I like to call Tai Chi “meditation in motion”, as it is like a moving form of yoga and meditation combined together, and would like to stress that Tai Chi is certainly not an “old person exercise” as some may think!

Tai Chi consists of a number of various forms (also called sets) that consist of a particular sequence of movements. These slow deliberate movements originally came from the movements of animals and birds, and later from martial arts. The movements are always performed slowly and gracefully with transitions between them.

Just like Yoga, there are different forms of Tai Chi, and most will want to do the meditative exercises for the mind and body. Others may be more interested in the combat aspects of some Tai Chi styles that are considered a martial art in their own right, just like Tae Kwon Do or Kung Fu.

Tai Chi is a traditional conditioning exercise in the Chinese community, and recently it has become much more popular in the Western societies.

Why Tai Chi For Psoriasis Makes Sense

The exercise intensity is low to moderate, depending on the training style, posture and duration. Participants can choose to perform a complete set of Tai Chi movements or selected movements according to their needs, and it is even perfect for anybody with a heart or circulatory problem.

Research substantiates that Tai Chi enhances aerobic capacity, muscular strength, blood vessel function and psychological wellbeing. In addition, Tai Chi reduces some cardiovascular risk factors, such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Recent studies have even discovered that Tai Chi is safe and effective even for patients with heart disease, coronary bypass surgery and heart failure. I believe that this is one of the best exercises for those with burnout or who suffer from stress, as many of the movements are gentle and do not require much effort.

Chinese medicine and philosophy embrace the concept that “chi” is the vital force that animates and drives the body, and one of the main aims of Tai Chi is to enhance the health and vitality of a person by encouraging the circulation of chi.

The secondary aim of Tai Chi for psoriasis is to foster a tranquil and calm mind due to the slow and graceful yet precise execution of the movements. When a person learns to complete the sets and then master the movements, they learn important lessons in balance, alignment, and rhythm of their body’s movements along with very finely tuned motor control of their individual muscles.

I’ve noticed that patients who practice Tai Chi daily have superior control over their posture including standing, walking and moving in general then folks who do not practice this ancient form of exercise. After practicing Tai Chi for a few years, you will almost certainly discover that there will be major benefits in terms of correcting your posture, alignment and many movements patterns which if faulty can often lead to tension or injury.

Tai Chi is a discipline I recommend in particular for those who have adrenal or thyroid issues, as it is calming, very relaxing and seems to have a nervous system rejuvenating power about it. I once recommended a patient many years ago with graves disease (hyperthyroidism) to begin Tai Chi, and the difference it made after several months completely amazed me.

I can highly recommend Tai Chi for psoriasis and have found it to be most beneficial for many different types of conditions, including people with different kinds of psoriasis. It is ideal to practice Tai Chi once or twice per day for fifteen-minute sessions.

You can read a lot more interesting information about how beneficial Tai Chi is for those with psoriasis here: Tai Chi reduces stress and improves blood flow to areas affected by psoriasis. 

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