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Can Stress Cause Psoriasis

Ever Wondered If Stress Can Cause Psoriasis? Can stress cause psoriasis to flare, or even initiate it in the first place? This is a very interesting question and one that has been answered through many scientific studies over the years. For example, in one study, skin wounds on the arms of women who had higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol had lower levels of… Read More »Can Stress Cause Psoriasis

Coping With Psoriasis

Are You Coping With Psoriasis? I’ve seen plenty of patients over the years who were embarrassed about their psoriasis and who have tried to hide their lesions with long sleeves, scarves, pants and other items of clothing. It’s harder to hide psoriasis when this chronic skin problem affects your face, hands, above your ears or hairline, and even harder for those who are sensitive to… Read More »Coping With Psoriasis

12 Steps To Boosting Immunity And Relieving Stress

  Boosting Immunity And Relieving Stress Are Important When You Have Psoriasis Do you take time out regularly? Stress is quite possibly one of the biggest triggers when it comes to psoriasis, and learning how to relax is vital if you are to finally reduce and ultimately eliminate those regular bouts of psoriasis once and for all. Is it really possible to achieve this? Absolutely,… Read More »12 Steps To Boosting Immunity And Relieving Stress

Recognizing Stress In Yourself

No true healing can take place unless there has been a change in the patient’s outlook.               Dr. Edward Bach Recognizing stress in yourself is very important if you have psoriasis, and are serious about your recovery. I believe that the real key is to permanent recovery from those recurring psoriasis flare-ups is in recognizing stress and how it affects your body, and this differs from… Read More »Recognizing Stress In Yourself