Four Reasons To Apply Oils And Creams

Four Reasons To Apply Oils And Creams

There are four reasons to apply oils and creams when you have psoriasis. It is important to heal the surface of the skin, even if you think there is little point because your skin cells are shedding too fast, because protecting and healing your skin are very important considerations. As I have mentioned a few times before, surface healing is important but not at the expense of neglecting your diet and lifestyle.

Have you decided you are going to beat this thing yet? A positive attitude and desire to win are important, but nevertheless, you will gain an immediate psychological boost by treating your psoriatic skin, and achieving great results.

I’d like you to consider a regular skin-care routine, an important consideration if you want to conquer psoriasis, and it doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience either. Some psoriasis patients I’ve seen over the years hate using creams and ointments and get turned off by applying them because they are greasy. This unpleasant experience can turn a person right off, but don’t be discouraged, you don’t need to use synthetic or chemical concoctions on your skin because there are many natural solutions when it comes to skin care and psoriasis.

There are many different reasons why you will benefit from skin care when you have psoriasis, here are four of the best reasons why should regularly apply natural oils and creams.

Why You Should Apply Oils And Creams If You Have Psoriasis

1. To Self-Care. By caring for yourself you will be participating in getting yourself well. You self esteem will improve as you take control of your skin’s destiny. Nobody wants to smell like a sulphur furnace or a coal tar pit, proclaiming disease all around themselves, by using natural skin care products you will be exuding a subtle natural or even exotic fragrance, making the whole experience much more pleasurable. 2. To Cleanse. By applying natural oils and creams you will be removing the decayed skin cells and eliminate toxins, making it a lot easier and far less painful to peel away those plaques. 3. To Soothe. When you care for your skin you will be reducing the discomfort many people with psoriasis have. Applying the right products topically helps to lubricate dry skin, keeps it supple and restores elasticity. This in turn will eliminate that itchiness and soreness that can drive you literally crazy, and it will also help to reduce the chance of your skin cracking, leaving it open to possible infections. 4. To Heal. To counteract the degeneration of your skin, it is important to apply natural skin care products that accelerate the body’s innate healing response. Skin that is moisturized and clean will heal faster, reducing chances of those infections I’ve seen occur in those with moderate to chronic psoriasis. These infections only increase your chances of being prescribed an antibiotic by your doctor, and when this happens yoru chances of a yeast infection increase.
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