Best Stress Management Tips For Psoriasis

Best Stress Management Tips For Psoriasis

Stress Reduction Fights Stress And Psoriasis

Do you want to learn some of the best stress management tips for psoriasis? This web page was written especially for those who suffer from psoriasis and who are looking for drug free yet highly effective solutions. There are many different relaxation techniques which can be useful when stress becomes overwhelming, but before we get into explaining some of the best ways to help you relax and de-stress let’s explain about stress and inflammation.

The way your body copes with stress is inflammation, according to Dr. John Koo, professor of clinical dermatology at the University of California, San Francisco. The body’s immune system responds to any kind of injury, including infections, by sending out various chemicals that increase the body’s inflammatory response which serves to heal wounds. The immune system over-responds in those who have psoriasis as it sends out too many of those inflammatory chemicals. Like many experts, Dr. Koo suspects that a person’s immune system responds the same way to different kinds stress, particularly emotional stress. The bottom line is that stress shuts down either the recruitment or the function of those immune cells needed to fight skin inflammation and infection.

Cortisol, Stress And Inflammation

Cortisol is the body’s main anti-inflammatory hormone, and research has shown that optimal cortisol levels can have a dramatic effect on reducing the severity and duration of psoriasis. Doesn’t it therefore make sense to make sure your adrenal function is optimal when it comes to beating chronic psoriasis? Is it any wonder that most Western countries are now experiencing soaring rates of cancer, the ultimate immune disease? It is important for you to recognize that stress can be a good thing; we call this “eustress” as opposed to distress that leads ultimately to disease and death. For example if you are going for a job interview, a driving test, or are going to give a speech at a wedding, this type of positive short term acute stress will actually boost your adrenaline level and gives your body a natural push to get things done, your mind has a bit more clarity and you feel more alert. The key is to be aware of your stress level and get things under control if stress starts to take over.

You can now understand that managing stress a particularly important life skill for people with psoriasis, especially those who experience recurring flare-ups. Consider the following best stress management tips for psoriasis some people are effectively reducing stress in their lives, even those with psoriatic arthritis.

Here Now Are Some Of The Best Stress Management Tips For Psoriasis

Stop Those Unhealthy Habits

Drinking alcohol, eating junk foods and smoking may all give you a temporary feeling of wellbeing, but these unhealthy habits will all make your psoriasis potentially a lot worse over time. Smoking can actually trigger a particular form of psoriasis called palmar plantar pustulosis. Alcohol has several bad effects, including slowing down your immune system, causing an increase in inflammation in addition to ing any preventing any of your medications from being as effective as they could be. on top of all this, these poor habits may well contribute to other medical problems that people with psoriasis are already at higher risk for, like depression, anxiety, allergies as well as other forms of auto immune disease and even cancer. Be sure to choose positive and health building stress management ideas that don’t come with a downside.

Don’t Treat Yourself, Work With A Health Care Professional

It is best that you and your health care professional work together to find the best possible psoriasis treatment plan to suit your needs. It is important to have confidence as well as faith in your practitioner so you won’t be jumping from one practitioner to another, or constantly wondering if there’s a better treatment option out there for you out there. If you’re following your naturopath or doctor’s instructions for managing your psoriasis symptoms and your personal plan simply isn’t working, then be sure to ask about trying a different treatment plan, or find a practitioner who is expert in your condition. . If you try new psoriasis treatments and they still don’t help, don’t be afraid to seek another opinion. Persistence breaks that psoriasis resistance!

Yoga And Tai Chi

Yoga is a discipline I call “meditation in motion”, it can lead to greater mental clarity, greater self-understanding, and a feeling of well being, along with improved physical fitness. Many people experience benefits not only because of the physical stretching and muscle strengthening but also because of the meditative state that is encouraged. Have you ever considered that regular Yoga or Tai Chi may have a positive effect on your skin? They are both wonderful and will add a whole new dimension to your life.


Meditation is another technique that will allow you to calm your mind and fight stress. Meditation has nothing to do with any religion or belief system, it is purely a simple technique that helps you relax your mind. There are many ways you can meditate, but the simplest way is to lie down on the ground, relax, close your eyes and breathe nice and slowly, yet deeply.

Meditating can help you to focus your thoughts on relaxing images or principles. Meditation is a very good way to clear your mind, as it slows down any racing thoughts and can help to relieve anxiety you may be experiencing. Why not give it a try yourself. All you need is 15 minutes of your time, just sit (or lie) comfortably on the floor, with your eyes closed or barely open and focus on your breathing.

Meditation has been shown in a 1991 study to have a most positive effect on reducing the skin aggravations as well as the duration of skin lesions in those with psoriasis. It can also help you to examine your daily life and determine what activities are contributing to your stress.


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