The Dietary Supplements Act

Information contained within this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Under current DSA* legislation (New Zealand Dietary Supplements Act 1985) , thepsoriasisprogram.com is not permitted to make any claims in support of health benefits derived from any nutritional supplements, herbal medicines or natural foods. This means we cannot make any specific statements as to how food-based, non-drug, or any natural products like vitamins, minerals or herbal medicines which may help to prevent, mitigate or treat any disease. We do claim that natural medicines assist the body to heal and repair itself, and further claim that pharmaceutical drugs only treat symptoms and cause side-effects.

thepsoriasisprogram.com strives to be a valuable resource of information for its visitors. While it is the goal of this website to provide timely and valuable information to the visitors, thepsoriasisprogram.com cannot and does not represent in part or in whole or in any way, shape or form that the information provided through thepsoriasisprogram.com is exhaustive, timely, or complete on every subject or that it will necessarily include all of the most recent information available on a particular topic.

thepsoriasisprogram.com does not warrant and shall have no liability for educational and/or general information provided in this website. This information is of a general nature and is provided solely for educational and informational purposes and to be used as a potential guideline and you are encouraged to review it with your attending physician prior to beginning any program. Users should never delay, ignore or fail to obtain medical advice for any medical condition or concern you may have based on the information obtained from thepsoriasisprogram.com.

The information presented is based on a variety of sources, including but not limited to reports of a variety of scientific studies (human, animal, or in vitro), review of selected literature, clinical experience, subjective patient reports, conventional and unconventional usage habits, or personal usage and experience of Staff. You are further advised to proceed with adopting any recommendations presented by thepsoriasisprogram.com website only after careful consideration and consultation with your own physician and that such recommendation is to be followed at your own risk. For the conditions discussed, treatment with prescription or over-the-counter medication is also available. You should consult your physician, nutritionally oriented health care practitioner, and/or pharmacist for any health problem and before using any supplements, exercise regiment, dietary changes, or before making any changes in your prescribed medications.

Informed Consent – Your Choice

We believe that taking natural products or undergoing natural medicine treatment should be informed consent and a decision based on personal research and on the understanding of the important and obvious role that food, lifestyle and food-derived supplements play in positively supporting your health and well being. Additionally, we believe that such natural products should be used only with the advice and support of a qualified natural health professional or medical doctor who has been trained in natural or integrative medicine.

Any information presented herein or information received from thepsoriasisprogram.com via telephone, Skype, FaceTime, Email, etc, should not be construed as the practice of medicine or medical advice. thepsoriasisprogram.com is not responsible for the misuse and/or abuse of any product sold through our clinic or this website.thepsoriasisprogram.com users, previous and future customers who fail to consult their health care professional prior, during or after the purchase and subsequent use of any product recommended on this website assume the risk of any adverse effects.

Please Note: ANY nutritional supplements (dietary supplements) and/or liquid, tableted or encapsulated herbal medicine formulations are not “cures” (nor do they claim to be) nor a remedy, device or medicine for any medical disorder, nor are they a substitute for professional health-care attention, diagnosis and/or treatment.

If symptoms persist, see your health-care professional. Do not exceed stated dosages. Keep out of reach of children. See your health-care professional. Avoid if any allergic or sensitive to any ingredients. Individual results may vary from case to case.

Our preparations are not pharmaceutical medicines (nor do they claim to be) and are prescribed with the intent for nutritional purposes only to support and assist the body to heal itself.

Please Contact our Webmaster if you Feel we are in Breach

If for some reason you believe that thepsoriasisprogram.com has breached any act, please contact our webmaster if you have any complaints with regard to any of this website’s content in terms of a breach or a perceived breach . It is our desire to be compliant and only offer credible information without the hype common in our industry.

What Does This Website NOT Offer?

This website does not offer cures or claims of such, nor has any intention of making any false, misleading, unrealistic claims or statements which may breach the 1981 New Zealand Medicines Act.

This website does not intend or imply to display products that are labelled so as to state or imply a therapeutic purpose. This website does not intend or imply to advertise or display product advertising that implies the product has a therapeutic purpose. This website does not intend or imply to advertise methods of treatment to prevent, alleviate or cure the diseases or conditions listed in Part I of the First Schedule to the DSA 1981 Act. This website does not intend or imply to advertise methods of treatment to prevent or cure the diseases or conditions listed in Part II of the First Schedule to the Act. This website does not intend or imply to supply medicines or products with ingredients that have been classified as prescription, or restricted (also referred to as pharmacist-only), or pharmacy-only medicines under the Act.