Creamed Coconut Balls

Creamed Coconut Balls That Adults And Kids Will Love

These are an instant energy blast that be made in 5-10 minutes. You will find the adults and children alike will absolutely love this delicious treat. I found that I became quickly addicted to these “power balls”, and so will you. Guaranteed- no dips in blood sugar for 3-4 hours after you’ve had one or two if these.


250 mls of creamed coconut 3-4 generous dessertspoons of coconut oil Dried cranberries or Goji berries to taste Walnut pieces to taste Teaspoon of dark chocolate powder 2 dessertspoons of coconut nectar


Put jar of creamed coconut into a pot of hot water to soften. Remove and blend in food processor. Remove half back to jar. Pulse the food processor to mix in dried cranberries, walnuts, chocolate powder and coconut nectar. Or, mix by hand if you want a more chunky raw texture. Put in fridge. They can be eaten within an hour. Must be kept refrigerated as it will melt. Can be rolled in dried coconut.
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