Breakfast Protein Shake

Breakfast Protein Shake

One of the protein sources I’ve found to be an excellent form of high quality protein is yellow pea protein powder. I use a powder in the morning if I’m quickly wanting breakfast or have little time for a meal. I also have this at times in the afternoon between lunch and my evening meal if I’m feeling a little hungry. A good protein powder often contains around 18 grams of protein per scoop along with a full complement of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. They come in different flavors like berry, chocolate, almond, etc.

Healthy Protein Drink Recipe

You will love this recipe. It’s about the closest thing to ice cream – the vanilla and coconut mixture is simply divine. Best of all, it’s so nourishing, and it will make you will feel full until lunchtime. I have this if I am in a hurry, otherwise I will have rolled oats (porridge) in winter or my home made muesli or eggs, spinach and tomato when I have a bit more time.

It makes sense to consume a good amount of protein in the morning, because your energy level will remain higher for several hours after. The hormone cortisol is produced by your adrenal gland and its production peaks between about 6.00 am until about 10.00am in the morning, and if you eat protein you will maintain a higher cortisol level than if you eat a breakfast high in refined carbohydrates, liked those boxed breakfast cereals that many buy. Your body needs a boost to maintain good energy levels and a meal high in carbohydrates (like toast and jam with a cup of coffee or tea) just won’t be sufficient to carry you through. By 11.00 you will be hungry and probably want another coffee and biscuit, muesli bar or something similar.

Breakfast Protein Shake Ingredients:
1 large scoop of protein powder in a large container, like a blender. Add two organic, free-range eggs. Some people out there don’t like the texture of raw eggs. Fortunately, you won’t need to worry about that here, because when you mix it up as I recommend, it is all dissolved into the mix. I challenge anyone to be able to differentiate between a shake that has the eggs in it, and one that doesn’t. You won’t be able to tell the difference at all. If you try it, you’ll be very pleasantly surprised. There is also talk about not eating raw eggs because they don’t digest raw and are “bad” for you in other ways. This is simly not the case, most protien sources can be eaten raw, including many meats, but most people just don’t lie the texture or the taste. Add about 100 – 200mls of canned coconut milk which imparts a heavenly flavor of coconut. Coconut is a great source of MCTs (Medium Chained Triglycerides). MCTs are the best low glycemic fuel for your muscles after exercise, so this protein shake is great after a work-out or a walk. I use a canned organic coconut milk. Coconut milk is also antifungal and excellent for your body in many other ways. I add some LSA mix (Linseed-Sunflower-Almond). Add a good heaped tablespoon to the mix.

I highly recommend a blender for the ease of mixing rapidly and thoroughly and also because it is quick and easy to clean up. These can be purchased cheaply at your local appliance store. You can rinse it clean in hot water in under ten seconds. We’re all rushed in the morning, so spending time cleaning up after you make a protein drink usually the last thing on your mind.

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